The dining room in our historical home is not likely to stay a dining room after this Christmas… at least, not exclusively. It just doesn’t make sense to dedicate the space to a purpose that we don’t actually use very often (we’re casual dining folks and having a toddler always makes mealtimes less formal!). So, I think we’re going to make this area into more of a parlor — a secondary place to relax, enjoy some TV, and snack. The best part is that it’s the closest room to the pantry and kitchen, so it naturally makes sense to be a room for eating… just not the way you might expect!

What I’m probably most excited about is the stained glass. What you see in these “before” photos is actually just a fake film, by the way. I want to put the real deal in, but I want to learn how to DIY it, of course! I’ve been watching videos and reading up on beginner techniques so we’ll get started on this soon!