house exteriorThe Ugly Duckling House has a growing, loyal following with new readers discovering this site each day.  Do you think my readers will like your shop, site, or product?  Signing up for ad space is easy!  Simply choose from the advertise options below and click the button to buy.  Once approved, your ad will appear in the spot you purchased.




Sidebar Ad Options


Where does each sidebar ad go?

The “Feature Ad” and “Short Stack” ads are placed under the Sponsors & Affiliates section of the sidebar.  These ads are stacked on top of each other, and the Feature Ad is always placed above any Short Stack ads.

The “Small Series” ads are placed just under the list of Highlights section in the sidebar.  Readers look at this area all the time, and these ads rotate with each page load.

Discount Codes for Longer Ad Terms

  • Change the quantity to “3″ in checkout
  • What you get: 3 months ad space
  • Discount: 10% off total
  • Change the quantity to “6″ in checkout
  • What you get: 6 months ad space
  • Discount: 20% off total

Ad Tips

What do readers like most?  Snazzy pictures.  They get more eyeballs than an ad of written words.  But you knew that already!  If you have any trouble coming up with an ad and need a little help with design, I’ll be happy to help you for a small fee.  Just shoot me an email.

Ad Rotation / Shuffle

The order of the “Short Stack” and “Small Series” ads shuffle with each page load.  This is done so that any ad gets optimum exposure regardless of when the ad was purchased.

Advertising Options NOT Offered

Getting creative to reach a new audience is fantastic, but my readers are my top priority.  As a blog reader myself, there are certain advertising types that I prefer not to see.  Therefore, I do not offer the following types of paid content or ad placement.  Please do not send requests for these types; they will not be answered.

  • Sidebar text links
  • Embedded text links within existing posts
  • Requests for “guest posts” that contain links to a product or service (this is considered advertising – please contact me about purchasing an In-Post Banner ad instead)
  • “solo ads” or email distribution lists
  • Videos or pop-up ads


The Ugly Duckling House reserves the right to modify or add to the above policies at any time.