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After class on Saturday, I came home to find a small trash can and block of wood on the front lawn. It wasn’t all that noticeable… except things like that should have been in my garage. And as far as I could tell, the garage door was still closed.

As I entered the house, I noticed more things were out of place. The trash can was sitting in the kitchen. There was crud all over the stairs. And the hand rail bracket (the one that had stripped screws and I couldn’t remove) was ripped out of the wall. What was going on?

I climbed the stairs to find a surprise. My Dad had been to the house.

And the bathroom was bare. The toilet, vanity, and baseboards were gone. And he’d put cement board down so I could get started with the tile.

He’d already put one tile in place (in case I needed a hint for what I was supposed to do next?) on the floor.

It looks like I’m finally going to remodel one of my bathrooms. Of course, this particular bathroom is my guest bath. The one I’d been using while I was redoing the primary bath.

When I removed the wallpaper and picked out the tile, I was working in the primary bath. I had been using the guest bath as my one fully functioning bathroom. I couldn’t help but laugh at the situation. My Dad was doing a wonderful thing by helping me out, but now my only functioning toilet would mean a trip to the downstairs powder room every morning.

In all honesty, it makes for a fantastic story. Starting with the guest bath means that the primary bath job will be even better; I’ll have more practice before tiling the one I’ll use more often. And I can still use the tub and sink in the primary bath, just not the toilet, so at least I wouldn’t have to run to the gym to shower.

There was no way in you-know-where I wouldn’t have gotten this done this quickly without Dad’s help. Despite the oddity of ripping out the bathroom I wasn’t expecting to work on yet, I can’t wait to get started.

No, I mean really, I can’t wait. Needing to run downstairs to pee makes for one heck of a reason to get this done ASAP.

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  1. LOL for a second there I thought you were robbed. Good ole Dads. Well as someone who's only working bathroom since last July is in the basement I can tell you you'll get used it. “It” being starting your trek down the flight of stairs as soon as you feel the urge. ; ) And there is a lot to be said about working on a smaller bathroom first. That is exactly what we're doing by finishing our main bathroom first then our master bathroom and we're happy with that decision. We have a lot of lessons learned from the smaller bathroom to use in the bigger bathroom.

  2. Yeah, I thought that at first too. But then again, any thief coming into that house will find more trouble than its worth. And no bathroom.