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It seems like my post about designing my craft room desk was forever ago. And in fact, it kind of was – some 300 posts ago.

A lot has changed since that day, but my dream of having a beautiful craft room (which I eventually renamed my “craft studio”) desk has remained.

Part of the delay in building this desk has been based on having other priorities. I have bathrooms, kitchens, and bedrooms to remodel, and they simply can’t all be done at the same time – at least, not without a few gray hairs and sleepless nights.

So, inevitably, the craft room design pretty much became a project left for another day once the walls were painted and the new floor was put into place.

The time has come to change that. Maybe. Well, after the primary bathroom floor is put in and the new vanity is installed. =)

I mean it, really – I need a creative space again. My bedroom should be used for relaxation, not as a makeshift craft table. So in the interest of making both rooms suited to their intended use, I picked up these craft desktops on my last trip to Ikea:

The best part is these babies are only $20 each and the perfect width for the table tops. By arranging them in an L-shape, I’ll be able to tuck them both in the corner on the right of the craft room just like I’d planned over a year ago.

But having a studio instead of a craft room makes me think that an ordinary white desk with storage simply won’t be interesting enough to give the room the vibe I want. I want the space to read airy and artistic rather than cute and creative. I want it to be an artist’s space, not a scrapbooker’s space.

So instead of a white tabletop with a white and boxy bottom, I want something a little more mixed, modern and rustic-looking. Out went the old design:

Using Google Sketch-Up again, I created a new design with a more open and floating feel to it. The rear shelving unit will still hold as much as the old design would, but gives me more leg room to one side. Plus, the support system for the new unit has more modern lines:  the support is still there (by screwing into studs), but takes up less visual space. I like the idea of leaving one side looking open while one side is mounted with a white background; against the blue walls, it will really pop. The legs might ultimately need connecting braces on the bottom for stability (not pictured), but I think it could look really neat if I aged and stained the legs and shelving.

What do you think? Part of me thinks that the shelving may have to go above the desktop if leg room becomes an issue, but I like the idea of a cleaner overhead space. As you’d expect, I’ll keep you updated when I attempt this project and let you know how everything goes. Let’s just hope it’s not another year before that happens!

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