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I joined Formspring not too long ago, and am enjoying every single question (that is non-spammy… not sure why I’m getting those “check out who has a crush on you” links) that I’m getting from all of my wonderful readers.

But today, I’d like to turn the tables and ask you a question. Depending on the response I get, there is a good chance you may see “Reader Remarks” as a recurring segment… so here it goes:

What popular home decor trend is not your style?**

This isn’t a true poll because I’m not giving you a limited number of choices to select. Like motivational posters, pie charts aren’t worth looking at unless they are 100% hilarious (like this site).

It wouldn’t be fair to ask all of you without offering up my own opinion first. So, I’ll spill:  sunburst mirrors. I think I’ve seen one or two (and even considered making one myself since they are sooo easy to DIY) that I like, but for the vast majority, I’m not impressed. No matter what material they are made of, how big they are, or color of spray paint used, I’m so. totally. over. it. There are just too many!

Target sunburst mirror – also displaying my #2 least favorite home decor trend: capiz shells

So, what is it for you? Turquoise not your thing? Shells? Shabby chic a little to shabby for your taste? The white kitchen cabinet craze? Schpill.*  And don’t forget to stop by the Formspring page every now and then to ask some of your own questions!

*I add “sch” sounds when I get bored with words. Getsch over it ;)

**One thing I must ask, though:  please, please do not be “that commenter” and go overboard. We’re talking opinions, not arguments or criticism. Any comments I see going there will be immediately deleted.

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  1. Personally, I am not a big fan of the shabby chic look. I don't understand why someone would take the time to makeover a piece of furniture, taking it from dilapidated to freshly painted and looking brand-spanking new, only to distress the corners and make it took like it is an “antique”. But that's just my personal taste!

  2. i don't love “subway art”.
    i also don't love seeing furniture painted wild colors then glazed.
    i read a LOT of blogs (there are like 150 in my reader) and so much of what i see being made makes me imagine it in a thrift store years from now- if you know what i mean.

  3. I don't like distressed furniture. Or glazed. My kids will eventually give my stuff that look naturally. I like true colors, although I can appreciate the results of someone else's project. And I'm not on the aqua and seashell bandwagon- it was my style way before it became fashionable. Our house is starting to look like a fish tank.

  4. I am not a fan of any single thing that is overdone in blogs. Once I”ve seen it 5 or 6 different places I start to think I could never have it in my house.

  5. While I appreciate the work that goes into it and the results I've seen on blogs, I don't see distressed furniture fitting anywhere in our house. EVER. Maybe at some point, I'll try my hand at a cheerfully painted dresser and maybe even glazing it if it's got some interesting details, but definitely not distressing it and definitely not painting it if it's a nice cherry or mahogany wood.

  6. Flower print. On anything.

    Anything kitchy.

    Distresed doesn't even make sense to me except on jeans. Why am I paying 200 bucks for something that looks like I bought it at Goodwill?

    But more than anything, it's bright colors. When we were looking at houses, there were so many walls and bathrooms painted magenta, neon colors, bright red. You'd think this would only be prevalent in older houses, but we looked at one in a relatively affluent neighborhood that, i kid you not, had a magenta dining room, bright red bedroom, neon yellow CEILING, grass green bathrooms (with old brown cabinets and fake-wood counters), and a black kitchen. No joke. What??

  7. I think I see a theme, here :)

    And I can relate to the overly done blog things. Once they reach a certain point, it feels like we've been overexposed!

  8. I'm not really into the whole 'bird theme' that's so hot right now. It can be cute, but I guess it's just not me! (I say that now, but watch me end up buying something bird-y! haha)

  9. That's funny… Portlandia made a segment called “Put a Bird On It” recently that made fun of exactly that! You should check it out for a good chuckle.

  10. Anyone with me on being over the whole “keep calm” thing? It was cute at first, but the blog world killed it for me. Thoughts?

  11. I love distressed furniture, but there is a line between classy and OVERKILL…same thing goes for glazing. I love the turquoise thing but can't see a single piece ever being in my house. And although the owl and bird thing is cute I really, REALLY don't get it! I see owls EVERYWHERE! Unless my child was totally into owls I wouldn't even consider adding them to their decor!
    I hate crackle finishes. Seriously, why do I want something that looks like the paint will flake off all over the floor if I touch it. Also, it doesn't seem functional. Can you imagine trying to write on that surface let alone dust it! *shutter*

    I also don't like things that look like they belong in an old person's house…that is what the sunburst mirrors remind me of! I do appreciate it when someone can take something really dated and redo it to fit into a modern decor. I think that is really impressive. I'm not very good at figuring out stuff like that! Which is why I love blog land! :-)

  12. I'm not gonna lie… the owls FREAK ME OUT… like I could have nightmares. I'm not really big on the bird thing, either, but I have seen a couple of times where they have been used VERY SPARINGLY and liked the turnout. However, I'm pretty sure you will never see either in my house.

    P.S. I am going to post a link to this little discussion you have started… very interesting!


  13. I agree…they went way overboard with the keep calm signs. I don't get the sunburst mirrors either. I love birds, so I like the bird things out there. Not so much the owls though.

  14. Im really over the whole empty picture frame gallery. I never got it to begin with and Im a wee bit tired of seeing it pop up everywhere.

  15. Rats, and I just made a distressed crackle finished owl sunburst mirror with subway art.

    Keep calm, I'm kidding.

  16. HA! I actually like that “keep calm” idea…



  17. Wow, what fun trends has the blogworld NOT ruined for me? :)

    I'm totally over the Cloche thing. As in “I just bought this glass dome at goodwill, and DIY'd some balls of twine to put under it.”

    And oh my gosh, Keep Calm was a great sentiment…until it popped up EVERYWHERE.

    I still like the birds, because I love birds and trees. But they're starting to be overdone.

    At the same time, if someone else does a trend that's not my thing in their home, I don't judge at all. Because if it makes them happy, that's what matters!

  18. Exactly, Jane! Thist post is all about stuff that YOU just don't get; each person is entitled to love or hate whatever they want. That's the fun of decor… especially stuff that makes you laugh or cringe!

  19. One of the things I LOVE is when people spoof the overdone crafts. There's a fantastic framed 'keep calm' print on Etsy that reads “Go Insane and Eat Your Friends.”

  20. If anyone out there is interested, you can see the shop that Michelle referenced above if you click HERE.

  21. I don't want to see the baroque thing go any farther. It was popular 10 years ago, and if you really try this theme in a room… well… I'm just over it.

  22. I'm tired of seeing sayings written over the door, above the bed, around mirrors … Actually, sayings written anywhere on a wall really bug me. Do people think that painting a saying on the wall makes them smarter or something? Oh, and tree decals in nurseries. So over-done!!

  23. I am not a big fan of the vinyl words on the wall either! Or owls unless it is in a child's room. But I love the shabby chic, distressed, glazed furniture! Sorry! :)

  24. I'm not a fan of chevron stripes. The more I see them, the more I don't like them.

    I loved the Keep Calm trend and desperately coveted something of my own with that sentiment – until I got one. As soon as I got it I was over it. I guess some things are better when we don't have them.

  25. Overly distressed and glazed furniture never looks good. Words on walls. Silhouettes everywhere (although I just did some, ha ha).

    There are so many homes that look EXACTLY like someone else's, I get confused and wonder who's blog i'm reading :)

    Every time I find something trendy at the thrift stores, it's usually because the fad has passed and someone has thrown it away. I'm always a little behind in the trends.

    Often I'll try something just to say that I can do it at a fraction of the cost of retail, that way, I'm totally justified in scrapping it because it isn't something I love.

  26. Ok so y'all are done with the baroque, the Keep Calm, the glazed distress and the signs… Now that we've established that, whatcha got to inspire some excitement?

    When you folks do, let me know. :-) Until then I'll just sit back, sip my homemade wine and wonder if Spring will ever get here LOL

    Calm just has to be a state of mind, btw…. no need to beat it like a dead horse, I agree. If anyone still needs a place of serenity, though, come visit the most serene place on Earth… http://sylvanrunwines.com/SpiritLake.aspx

    Blessed be,

  27. Great point, Mel! I sometimes see a decor trend and think “I've got to remember this one so I can come back to it when I do it.” Then four more do the same, and I forget which one had the tutorial. And another good point about doing it DIY instead of buying the trend at PB… you don't feel nearly as guilty throwing it away!

  28. Oh yeah, the sunburst mirrors I totally don't get. They are like something from the 70's….I keep expecting to see orange vinyl couches and chunky crocheted afghans. :-) Also, Keep Calm?? I amso glad someone mentioned that….those quotes drive me a bit batty. Not calm. :-)

  29. I'm not a fan of Anthropologie stuff. Not to mention I don't understand what that means I just associate the word with fugly usually.

    ~ Nikki

  30. I don't like those sunburst mirrors, either. and those “keep calm” posters are getting so repetitive!

  31. Editing my previous comment of: Twisted flower rosettes – so. very. over. it! They just always look sloppy to me.

    I feel the need to add – I do like fabric flowers in general, just not the twisted rosettes style.

  32. oh i love this!!!! i so don't get using book pages for everything! some people aren't paying attention to what words are on those pages and they may not be appropriate! i also don't care for the sunburst mirrors or keep calm quotes. on the other hand i do have quite the fetish for owls, but only the cutesy ones. :) oh, and the decorating w/ toilet paper rolls!!!!! it's pretty amazing what people are doing w/ them but how do they have the time for some of the intricate ones and is it really going to hold up?


  33. The glass dome things filled with stuff. Just don't understand. I like vinyl lettering but not directly on the wall. I have no idea why but think you should only put lettering on a sign to hang not directly onto the wall.

  34. Visiting from 504 Main. I love the “so over it” sign. There are so many things that I feel “over”. Mostly just that you see so much of the same thing on blogs.

  35. Also visiting from 504 Main! I think anything and everything you love can be worked into your space, whether it is an over-done trend or been-there-done-that. I just try to fill my spaces with things I love, regardless of what other people think! :) (Although, I am always excited to see fresh ideas!!)

  36. Agreed. If you love it, do it. One person's “weird” bird vinyl fixation is another person's stylish home decor. It takes all kinds… and that's certainly apparent if you'd like to see what this house used to look like when I first bought it.

  37. I'm over Pottery Barn stuff done to death. I like the style but it needs to be infused with some pieces of antique's, different color furnishings, more colors than balck, white and beige. I love shabby chic, but only when it's done right. I love to see people create new things on all the blogs. I am only creative to a point and need you really talented people to give me inspiration. I would never attempt to make a wreath out of sheet music but, I do love seeing other do it. BTW, cloche's and white kitchens have been in style for a very, very long time and aren't going out of style soon. That's the good news. What needs to go out of syle are the people who call themselves designers and give out terrible decorating advice to others and think just because they say “it works” that it really works. Most times it doesn't if you have to verbalize those words after you decorate anything. LOL

  38. I'm over the zebra and cow skin rugs everywhere. It's o.k. if you are living in Africa and actually hunt, but hunting in a rug store doesn't count. I don't care for all those deer antlers either. Again the exception is if you hunt or your husband hunts; then by all means knock yourself out.

  39. Burlap — I'm SO over burlap! Meaning no offense to anyone who enjoys decorating with it. Also, My fascination with vinyl has fallen by the wayside.

  40. I have an issue with totally redoing your house every season. I know things need to be updated regularly, but I like to look at my stuff a little longer than a month or two.

  41. I like the vinyl quotes. I don't think it makes me smarter…I just like the reminders for myself. I have one that says “Live simply. Laugh often. Love deeply.” in a small corner of my living room and it serves as a reminder to me every time I look at it. I agree that some of the styles are overdone, but I also don't think you can generalize and say “ALL vinyl quotes are horrible and people who have them think they're smarter than me!” *shrug*

    I can't stand the sunburst mirrors…but I also can't say I'm over ALL sunburst mirrors because tomorrow I may see someone do one that is different and rocks.

    I don't mind the birds and owls, but really, on every surface and nook? Ugh.

    I like turquoise.

    And as for distressing–some of us do it for practical reasons. I have 4 kids. I just painted my Windsor dining chairs black and distressed some of the normal “wear and tear” areas because I know they will eventually look like this anyway and I'd rather start the process on my own so it's more natural looking and not as obvious once it all starts falling apart LOL.

  42. I can't understand or develop an appreciation for books whose covers have been torn away. The remains are tied with rope and used as table decor? What's with that?

  43. Just found this list! I am SO SO SO over the keep calm saying as well. In my opinion it's turned into just taking keep calm and tacking random holiday themed stuff onto the end.. BUT on the other hand.. i'm sure some of the stuff I love in my decor would be not so lovely in someone else's opinion! Actually I just looked around at my living room decor today (birds…) and realized I am so over my living room :) Time to get inspired!

  44. I agree with Connie on the ripped up books that are tied with rope. I'm a book reader and it hurts to see any books torn up. That's one issue.

    The other issue I have with that is, What's the point of having those cover-less book bundles? I just don't understand the usage. However, I like practical decor, so stacking readable books in a basket would be so much more beautiful to me.

    Also, do we really need a “tutorial” to recreate it? It's pretty self-explanatory to me if you just look at the P&B picture.

    I'm not livid about it. I'm just rolling my eyes…which is something my mother would disagree with.

    I really do enjoy tutorials and the ideas I get from them, whether I agree with the practicality or not. :)

  45. This is fabulous…I am over subway art and fabric flowers (I love them – I think they are pretty, but kind of tried of seeing 1010 tutorials on them). I have more, but I will stop. This tickles me pink! I am a new follower.
    504 Main

  46. So fun to hear everyone's comments. I think it's important to remember that everyone has a choice to do their own thing. The only vinyl saying I have in my house (and that will stay there as long as I live here!) is a Bible verse; one we all need to remember: “In Everything, Give Thanks”
    (1 Thessalonians 5:18)

  47. Style that screams–Retro–especially the 70's stuff. If it is “classic” retro that is a different thing. Some things, like the Eames chair, fit in about anywhere, with any style and never go in or out of style.

  48. Oh goodness, where do I start? Let's see… painting EVERYTHING (even your mother if she stands still too long) white… granite countertops (yes, sorry, I said it)… long, silver cylindrical pulls on kitchen cabinets…bowl sinks…stainless steel appliances… a gillion picture frames on a wall (even though I'm totally going to do that)… farmhouse sinks (buying one of those, too)… 23-foot long window treatments…

    Yup, I know I'm making tons of friends here. ;)

  49. Fire away, though! I'm always entertained by the extremely different tastes we all have.

  50. I agree with the distressed look, also throws on a sofa to cover/hide an old stubborn mark and too many cushions on a sofa. I want to sit on a sofa and not have to fight with all the cushions and place them where exactly? On the floor?

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  52. I'm late to the party but…

    I don't like the distressed furniture. Makes no sense why you would make something deliberately look like crap, excuse me, beat up.

    I don't like inspirational quotes on the walls. I don't like those big wooden words that say INSPIRE, BREATHE or whatever. (Though my mother and I found one once that said BEHAVE – we should have bought that.)

    I don't like painted wood. I cringe whenever anyone paints wood.

    Balls. I do not understand the balls. Do you know what I'm talking about? Where people just have like… baskets with decorative balls sitting around? I just don't get it.

    Slip covers on the dining room chairs. I also hate slip covers on couches. I think the only slipcover I have ever liked was the one my mom and grandmother made to go over this ancient sewing chair (original fabric is brown… with fringe!)

    I like songbirds and leaves/vines but not ferns and not flowers.

  53. I loathe distressed white furniture and cabinets and those awful mirrored nightstands. ARGH!