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After six months of Scott coming home to the next thing I’ve ripped up, ripped out, or painted, he is no longer surprised when he steps through our front door to find our living room furniture pushed aside and me working on carpet tack strips. Or if he finds a towel bar in the trash can. Or if he hears the power sander humming along in the back yard. He’s been a great sport!

On the other hand, Colby is surprised each and every time. But rather than avoiding it, he usually chooses to take a more supervisory role. Which, for some reason, simply must occur right in the middle of whatever project I’ve taken on.

With all of the frenzied activity, it’s like he thinks there’s some kind of game in the works, but he doesn’t quite know the rules yet. Most of the time, I just try to find a toy to throw into the other room; by the time he fetches it, I’m rolling up the carpet strip.

We’re just days away from having brand new carpet in our upstairs bedrooms. I’m still unsure of what color I would like to have. I’ve only got a couple of days left, so I need to make a decision soon!

The rest of the week and weekend, we’ll be preparing for the new carpet (moving all non-heavy furniture items to another room), so there won’t be anything post-worthy coming up these next few days. But on Monday, check in for the big reveal! I have a couple of projects underway that I haven’t shared yet, and I’ve picked out the paint color for our guest bedroom. I’m going to take the opportunity of a less-cluttered room (thanks to the carpet install) to see if I can slap a few coats of paint on the walls and get our last upstairs bedroom taken care of.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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