Blogging and DIYing, to me, are primarily about community: encouragement, creativity, and more than one approach to a project — but the passion behind it is the same!

Contributors for Ugly Duckling House are hand-picked, fellow DIY fanatics that have some really incredible projects to share. Think of it like my friends coming over to my house to tell us what they’ve been working on. Check out each of their bios below and pick up new skills along the way by clicking on the buttons to jump to their featured projects.


Bruce A. Ulrich

Bruce A. Ulrich has been making things his whole life. By age 18, he and his dad converted a carport into a completely finished room. Later, he was a trim carpenter. Now, he builds things they need for their house or for a challenge, shooting video of the process and documenting it on his YouTube channel and blog in easy-to-understand instructional videos. He also talks about much of these happenings on his podcast, We Built A Thing. He’s a proud father of 3 and recently started yet another venture as a realtor, basically proving he can never sit still. facebook instagram youtube

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Tylynn Sattler

Coming to you from Minnesota, Tylynn is the brains and brawn behind the blog Bitterroot DIY. From a family of avid DIYers, power tools and paint brushes are nothing new to Tylynn. From woodworking to crafting to home improvement, she is all about inspiring you to DIY your way to a beautiful home. In her free time, you can find Tylynn on a patio, beer in hand, soaking up the sunshine. facebook instagram pinterest

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Ellen McLean

Ellen started her blog, Artsy Pretty Plants, because when trying to make DIY decor for her own wedding, she became frustrated by so-called “tutorials” that didn’t provide enough details to actually get the job done. Since then, she’s become a self-declared concrete junkie. With a love for the outdoors, she gravitates towards making outdoor decor — especially planters. But not to be pigeon-holed, she loves helping makers like you make all kinds of artsy, pretty, things!

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biscuits and burlap - food contributors

Pam and Sara Brand

Pam and Sara are the southern mother and daughter team blogging at Biscuits and Burlap. Food and drinks are their focus and they love to get creative, updating old-school classics with a kick of jalapeño or a splash of bourbon. Remembering their roots, you can also find them preserving vintage recipes just as they’ve been made for many years. facebook instagram pinterest

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announcing lindi - love create celebrate

Lindi Vanderschaaf

Lindi is a wife, a mother of two beautiful girls, and a blogger. She is currently living in Northern Alberta, Canada where she became a self-taught crafter, decorator, builder – you name it! Love Create Celebrate is a DIY blog that focuses on the home. Her main focus is on helping readers love, create, and celebrate their homes by sharing her favourite DIY furniture projects, DIY home décor projects, and home renovations. facebook instagram pinterest

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caroline barr - shopping and style contributor

Caroline Barr

Caroline is an Alabama native and a MFA in Creative Writing-Poetry candidate at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro who spends her free time giving DIY makeovers to thrift store finds, dancing with a local hip-hop group, and eating too much cheese. She is a writer for ANNA Magazine and serves as Poetry Editor for The Greensboro Review. All she wants in this world is a basset hound. facebook instagram

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