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My lovely craft room is finally coming to fruition (perma-smile!).



If you recall from my inspiration post and my post about the junkyard that accumulated during my primary bedroom paintover, this craft room’s earlier days have already had some challenges.

This past weekend was my opportunity to change all of that. After quickly reorganizing the mess to the closet and moving a few pieces to the guest bathroom (only for the time being), I happily began my first coat. As I predicted, this room with only one doorway, one closet, and one window was MUCH easier to tackle than the large primary and living room.
Because I went with neutral walls for the two earlier painting projects, I really wanted a jolt of color to keep the creativity flowing. Even though it is only a pale color on the swatch, when applied to the wall, Valspar’s Distant Valley (matched to Behr’s Ultra Premium flat enamel – see this post to know why) really pops thanks to the sunlight filtering into the room through the corner window. On the paint sample, the color is a muted, calming blue. Once it hits the wall, it becomes more teal-y (ok, not a word, but you get it) and vibrant. Thanks to the addition of bright white trim, the room is now F-R-E-S-H! Take a look!
“About as creative as oatmeal” before:



It’s always nice to have one more room in the house I actually want to spend more time in. This is already becoming my favorite place in the house, and one I can’t wait to start decorating. Remaining items for this room will focus around function:  separate areas for jewelry-making materials, scrapbooking/paper projects, and [the great big pile of] other. The window still needs blinds, which Scott and I can hopefully hang this week while his Dad is in town for a visit. We finished this room just in time to move any items in the guest bedroom and bathroom back to where they need to go! More updates are of course coming soon, including blind installation and our first adventure with custom furniture design. Stay tuned, and let me know what you think of the color choice!

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  1. Hey Sarah!

    I love reading your blog! You’re so quirky and kickass – it’s awesome! I have a question though, in later posts featuring your office, you have one wall painted a deeper, almost-navy, blue. What is that color? I love it!

    1. The color is called Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore. It’s a fantastic, rich navy blue (and other examples are all over Pinterest if you want to search the color). Hope that helps!