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Blog posts require several things. Naturally, like most articles you read, they first require the main info:  who, what, where, when, why. They also require pictures. Good blog posts include multiple pictures that help tell the story that your words can’t convey. But what you don’t know is how often the pictures that take up my SD card for each blog post include the many distractions I encounter during a “photo sesh”. I call it the sixth W – the “WTF”, if you will.

Take, for instance, this photo that I took recently of the progress I was making on the garden in front of the house. It’s not very good, and I needed to adjust the manual settings on my camera.

But then, I was interrupted by a fast-moving traveler.

I spent several extra minutes taking pictures of this sneaky little guy – bad camera settings and all.

And these photos that I took of my planter makeover:

planters with new flowers

A loud rustle/tapping noise startled me after the first few clicks of the camera. I spun around just in time to snap one quick photo of a woodpecker going to town on the middle pine tree in my back yard. He flew off before I could switch my lens to something with more zoom.

Call me the A.D.D. photographer, but sometimes it’s kinda fun – and these are the perfect opportunities to practice my photography skills. Do you ever get distracted when you take photos?

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  1. Filed under “Funny”. You are funny—thanks for the chuckle! Hope you accomplish alot on your birthday “work your buns off” party!

  2. i’m almost constantly distracted when i take photos.
    i’m glad i’m not the only ADD photographer. ^.^-b

  3. I’m usually so distracted by what I’m doing that when I have intentions to take photos, I end up taking none!