master bedroom closeup with charcoal gray euro shams

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I’m calling this a “halfway reveal” since there’s still more yet to do, but I’ve made some real progress lately on the primary bedroom and wanted to share!

master bedroom makeover - scandiboho style

And you know what that means… it’s a bunch of pictures of the room from slightly different angles! *jazz hands* TA-DAAAAA…


I swear, this is one of the hardest things about styling and editing “reveal” photos… you work really hard to get to this point, so the amount of photos you want to post directly correlates to how much work you had to do to get them. Ha!

master bedroom white and bright makeover

For fun, let’s look back at where the room has come from, both when I first moved in…

master bedroom original blue walls and brown carpet
master bedroom hallway - before

And later, when I went with gray walls. It was perfectly alright for a long time, but I never really felt motivated to finish the room.

master bedroom with gray walls and dark queen bed
master bedroom hallway - gray

That came to an end in the last year, and I’ve been making tons of progress ever since deciding to change things up to white walls and add contrasting nearly-black trim. I know I’ll get at least one request for the paint colors, so it’s Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black (trim) and White straight out of the Behr paint can on the walls (looong story, but I tested lots of whites and this one was the only one that didn’t have any weird color changes in this room… found completely by accident!).

white and bright master bedroom makeover

Stella got into the mix this time since Charlie hogged so much of the spotlight during the bed plans reveal.

cute dog on white bedding

I’ve got a semi-updated hallway pic for you, too! I’ve added a little wooden art I’ve been holding onto and a hanging plant to provide some balance.

This door is slightly off center, so it felt necessary to add a little something to the left side! Just in case anyone asks: the plant is a Golden Pothos and should be perfect for the amount of light (especially since the light is diffused by the new frosted window film but not totally missing from the hallway like before). Fingers crossed!

master bedroom white and bright makeover with gray and ivory accents-9

You may not be able to see it very well, but there are some pencil markings on the door for where I plan to hang a mirror and add some door molding. Can’t wait to get that tacked on and finish up the paint!

master bedroom - white bedding and walls - future feature wall

One last pic, because I think this one emphasizes it the best: that back wall is BEGGING for something else! I’m planning to do a feature wall (add color) and make a custom headboard, along with building out some drawers for bedside storage and two wall lamps (mainly so I can continue my cross stitch in spotlighted peace while K gets a few extra winks). More on all of that just as soon as we can get it all done. But, the end of winter means we’re probably going to begin splitting our time again to outdoor projects, Ruby, and figuring out my garage workshop!

Sigh… my unfinished project streak may continue, but at least it’s a comfortable stopping point in case the rest has to be split up (but the good news there is, there are also longer daylight hours to look forward to). Another Ruby update is on the way next week! Have a good one!

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  1. Great job! It looks wonderful! I have those Golden Pothos all over my condo and they thrive!! I cut them back every other month! Love them!
    The dark molding looks awesome! Love that too!

  2. Looks great! We have a golden pothos in our bathroom, and between the light from the frosted window and the steam from our showers, I can go months without touching it. They’re awesome.

  3. That looks great! I love the throw blanket! We are the same way about unfinished projects. We are full steam ahead until halfway through and then switch to something else. Guess it keeps us on our toes. lol Can’t wait to see what else you do with the space!