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Just popping in to give you a hint at what’s coming next week:

What you’re seeing here is a pile of damaged and rotting siding. Which means that I FINALLY scraped up the cash and found the right guys to tackle some of the biggest pain points of the house’s exterior!

This project has been on the to-do list for five years. And even though I’ve made my own attempts to address some of the easier-to-reach problem areas on my own (like the garage), I always knew there were some areas that could be better handled by a pro, like the band around the chimney. Little did I know the horror that was lurking underneath!

It’s true that in DIY, things often look worse before they start to get better again. And I am happy that I can finally pull up into my driveway without half-painted windows. I can finally look forward to fewer issues with woodpeckers and pine straw. It’s always easier to look back and wonder why I hadn’t done these things sooner, but the answer is almost always the same (and also true for most homeowners): I have way, way more time than money.

I need to do some additional landscaping before I can take “after” shots of the progress completed (just because I think my overgrown hedges will ruin the oohs and aahs), but I thought it would at least be fun to go ahead and show you some of the scarier snaps I took of the whole (super rainy) process.

Happy hour weekend, folks. I hope you have a productive one!

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  1. Curb appeal brings value to our home when one look at it… so it is vitally important. And u doing doing it all alone is really appreciable ..:)