diy repurposed garden trellis from bed frame

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I’ve got a quick DIY idea for you guys today: a garden trellis made from a repurposed wooden bed frame!

diy garden trellis made from a bed frame

These photos aren’t taken at my house, but rather when I was visiting a friend. With so many outdoor gardening projects on my to-do list lately, I guess my brain is just wired to look for them (kind of like whenever I work on molding projects; I find myself staring at people’s ceilings and windows to brainstorm!).

DIY Garden Trellis

I spotted this on the side of the house and asked to take a few quick pics. Honestly, I think it’s pretty clever. I like how it repurposes something that would have likely been heading for a landfill. Clearly these are just getting started, but can you imagine them covered in flowering clematis?

repurposed trellis made from bed frame parts

This trellis looked like it was made from parts of a twin-size bed, but I think children’s bed frames would also be a good choice. A simple coat of opaque deck stain (it matches their front porch and rear deck stain) ties it together nicely and protects from the elements (when doing anything that leans against your siding like this, waterproofing is a wise move).

diy garden trellis made from a bed frame

I guess it just goes to prove that I need to take more strolls around my neighborhood (and crash my friends’ places more often, too). Have you ever spied a clever repurpose project while out & about?

diy repurposed garden trellis

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  1. Great idea, turn your trash that could cost you money to place into a landfill and turn it into a stunning piece for your exterior. The neighbors will be shocked & likely copy you. ;)

  2. That is a great idea. Especially because I don’t see that many nice trellises that are affordable.

  3. Those don’t even look like old bed frames, not really. Like, they do, but they also look like real garden trellis’.

    Love that you’re doing so much outdoor DIY stuff in the summer, is it a purposeful theme or a natural progression as the weather warms up?

    1. I suppose it’s that it took me SO LONG to finally get the back yard moving along (ahem, six years?) that it feels like a whole new space to make my own. So the energy is just pulling me outside, I suppose. When you’ve worked on a house for this long, you go where the motivation is… that’s the secret!

  4. Could never imagine using bed frame to make a garden trellis. That’s a creative idea