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Getting the hang of my new school schedule has been a bit of a rocky ride so far. It’s a fast-paced program (I’m already a quarter of the way finished with my first semester), so my normal burning-the-candle-at-both-ends habits:

…looks (and feels) a little more like this:

Which leaves my stack of bathroom tile looking like this:

Yep. Still in the same spot. No progress. Zilch.

When it was first offered, I wasn’t crazy about the idea of leaving the house behind and letting my father rip out the bath while I’m in class. Despite how much I would prefer to be around so that I can learn and be prepared when it comes time to re-do the guest bath, I’m caving. I could really use a relaxing space, and let’s face it: my time is so strained lately that the likelihood of getting this done before the semester’s end (which happens to also be my birthday) is disappearing rapidly. The sooner the things I hate are gone, the faster I can replace them with things I love (even more than demo).

I’m even planning now on taking my mother’s offer of re-organizing my study-o. Truly, there will be a few more familiar (pun-intended) faces around the Ugg-Duck in the coming weeks. Let’s hope we get it all done!

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  1. Ahhh, I'm in a similar situation with our bathroom. We're renoing it this month, and unfortunately I'm gong to be at work while the husband-to-be and his dad do the majority of the work. I don't get the time off that the boy does, so it's a necessity if I want the bathroom done this year!

  2. I'm a big “burning the candles at both ends” kind of person too. I started a new management job, planned a wedding, started massage school and managed to fit in a leading role in a play too. Looking back, I have no idea how I did it all. But, it gets done.
    You can do it!