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Now that you’ve created a few $4 berry wreaths, it’s time to get creative on where to use them. Surprisingly, this one popped up by accident while I was putting up the tree.

I had a few new cylinders of shatterproof ornaments that I purchased during last year’s after Christmas buyout but had yet to think of what to do with them. Given that our tree is so new, we don’t yet have enough ornaments to cover it entirely (we had a smaller apartment version prior to). I had planned to strategically place these inexpensive “hole-fillers” in the bare spots on the tree, only they tend to come out of the plastic container rapid-fire (granted, I completely turned the container over during my messy tree trimming process, so the container’s not to blame). So, I stuck them in a pile and used the wreath to wrangle them up. It looked so pretty sitting there on the table, I kept it as-is.

I guess now, we’ll have to find anther solution for the bare spots on the tree. I may have to go back to “Old Reliable” and spray paint a few pine cones. Any ideas? Do you like our alternative ornament pile?

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  1. I ran into the same thing- they just looked too gorgeous in random heaps! That does look awesome.

  2. Another blogger I love Benita Larsson @ ChezLarsson did a post just yesterday about Pine cones.. she dipped the end of one which was a look I REALLY liked..
    Here's the link..

    I've sprayed loads silver and/or gold over the years.. but that is a bit conventional..
    I thought I might try really really bright red this year. In an ultra high gloss finish if I can find it.
    Jo xx

  3. I have another pine cone project in the works that doesn't involve paint, but it's definitely a fun twist on traditional pine cones. Post coming soon.