handy diy products from the dollar store

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This won’t be a long post, but during my long saga with the primary bathroom reno (next steps should be posting this weekend!), I wanted to pop in about a recent trip I made to the dollar store.

handy home repair items worth buying at the dollar store

My trip was practically arbitrary, having decided just to stop in really quickly to see if I can find a disposable bucket for grout. I have some old dollar store trash bins I’ve kept in a stack in the garage for years, but I had finally depleted my stash and needed more. I have often used cheap dollar buckets instead of my 5-gallon buckets for tile projects because whenever I mix up materials (tile adhesive, grout, etc.), the product is usually half-dried by the time I start to clean up. This also means that it’s a beast to remove, and can make a huge mess in my yard while I clean everything out. By letting the leftover product simply dry up in the dollar bucket, I can then toss away the entire thing if I can’t get the dried slop to come off cleanly (it’s about 50/50 as to whether or not I need to reuse it).

It was time to restock, but I was very surprised to find a number of other great DIY supplies that I never knew were available. For $1 apiece, these make for some great items to keep around for home repair projects!

handy diy products from the dollar store

On this trip, I got:

  • disposable particulate masks
  • assorted foam brushes
  • batteries
  • small utility knives (I love having these all over the house… they are my go-to over scissors)
  • 4×6 plastic tarp (decent size for the price!)
  • rubber mallet (this was the most surprising find)
  • cleaning towels (for wiping off grout haze)
  • wrinkle releaser (not DIY necessarily, but good for photography)
  • more buckets
  • one-time use super glue (I don’t know about you guys, but mine always dry up between uses, so smaller containers is ideal!)
  • not pictured: a set of mixing spoons (they came in a set and I’m out of paint sticks, so these were great as disposable mixing paddles)
  • not pictured: drain declogger tool

dollar store items great for diy projects

Other items that I saw were available (but I don’t need, so I didn’t get, but worth noting):

  • hammer
  • level
  • screw driver sets
  • safety goggles
  • tape measures
  • work light/flash light (small, but still!)

It occurred to me that since my friends are in that stage of buying homes and such, stopping by and picking up a handful of these things is a great idea for a housewarming gift! I wouldn’t recommend that you buy things like a hammer, or a decent tape measure, or other tools that you really need quality for at a dollar store necessarily, but if a homeowner isn’t super handy and probably doesn’t have them already, it makes a great little gift in case they run into a DIY emergency (and new homeowners always do). If they do have quality tools, they can still appreciate the other items that one can never really have too many of, like tarps, or shop pencils, or utility knives.

Have you found anything at the dollar store that surprised you?

(P.S. Want other gift ideas? Here’s another housewarming or thank-you gift idea. Here’s another.)

The next post in the DIY primary shower remodel series is probably getting finished up by the weekend, so be sure to come back for that!

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  1. Wrapping paper and gift bags, I hate spending money on something that will be thrown away 2 seconds after the gift is opened.
    A dollar for superglue cannot be beat

  2. I love the dollar store! Some examples of what I buy there:

    Greeting cards – (I cringe at the thought of spending $5 or more on a birthday card!)
    Wrapping paper/gift bags/tissue paper – especially around Christmas time!
    Plastic kitchen utensils, measuring cups, etc
    Plastic hangers
    Holiday decorations
    Cheap arts and crafts things for the kids
    Cheap items for school party treat bags

    I’ve seriously saved so much money over the years shopping here!

  3. Shelf liner (wasn’t the best outcome), 1″ putty knife, sandpaper (terrible enough to remind you to pick up more, vs making a trip) Microfiber rags. Cleaning materials for ongoing projects. Parchment paper. Small parts containers. Decorating/crafts – check out their thumb tacks you can make create do fake rivets/nailheads pretty easy, string, and bakers twine. Also found they have some good first aid stuff. Most unusual and favorite was ankle braces/support wraps, I have arthritis, so I use them when I’m spending a lot of time on a ladder.

  4. I just did a housewarming gift like that for friends! I stopped by the Dollar Tree and got a laundry basket of stuff you forget or don’t have easy access too sometimes on moving day – TP, paper towels, clorox wipes, tylenol, etc… it was great!

  5. So many great things at the dollar store! Thanks for the reminder than I need to frequent there a little more often for home reno goodies :)