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Okay – so there’s some pretty cool stuff going on. Stuff I’ve been so excited about, I’ve been doing the whole Instagrammy Facetwittering thing without updating the blog yet (terrible, I know). So in one swoop, let’s see if I can get them all knocked out before I konk out (it’s late and my eye is beginning to twitch, so I’m racing against whatever muscle that keeps me winking at the computer). Here goes:

1. Two weeks ago, I had the pleasure of chatting with Mandi from businessinsider.com during my lunch break at work. For some (completely unknown and baffling) reason, she wanted to ask me questions about living in my own filth how I manage remodeling my home with zero free time and a next-to-nothin’ budget. I didn’t know exactly when the article would be up, but then it suddenly appeared last week. I was truly thrilled. Even though I experienced highs (Ohmygosh – that’s me!) and lows (Meh – someone said my house is still ugly) in a matter of minutes, I’d definitely do it again. Check it out here. So. Stinkin’. Cool.

2. Around the same time, but seemingly unrelated, my Pinterest account went all marshmallow-in-the-microwave and I’ve got a bajillion new followers. Okay, so the real number is more like 250,000. Or it probably will be after my next shower. But it’s growing. A lot.  And even though I don’t know why, I am pretty darn excited about it. Not that it really means anything (or does it? I can’t figure that out), but it’s still kind of cool to think there are more than even two people who have a clue that I exist.

3. I cleaned. I know, right?  That probably explains the eye twitch. But my office is starting to look more like a semi-finished work space and less like a trash dump. I consider that something worth sharing. In my cleaning frenzy I also tossed one of the chair legs and the fabric I’m using for the cushions on top of the new rug just to make sure I’m still liking where this is headed. I’m not entirely sure, but I’m pressing on.

4. I went over to my real-life friend Lindsey (aka Redhead Baby Mama)’s place this weekend for her help with some new blog head shots. The photo in my sidebar is from college – so yeah, it’s about time to change things (but I’m keeping my driver’s license photo as long as they’ll let me – I was 18 but the photo is actually flattering, which is impossible on an ID of any kind). Lindsey is not only the mom of my favorite redhead under the age of five (over age five, it’s a tie between Lindsey’s husband and the lead singer of Eve 6 – but for completely different reasons), but she is also a very talented costume designer and can pose like nobody’s business. I have a lot to learn, but she helped me get one or two pictures where I don’t look hungry, chipmunk-y, or about to sneeze. I intended on getting them edited for a post, but you’ll just have to wait a few more days. I promise it will be worth it – I’m sharing the silly ones, too. We sorta got a little carried away toward the end.

I’ve only got a couple more weeks before I head back to school, so I’m going to try to keep the momentum rolling and get a few more things done before school (and my favorite season – football!) begins. So, if I seem a little distant, try bathing more consider me working hard at having something to reveal soon. And if you’re up for it, join my on Facebook and Twitter for updates that didn’t make it to the blog. More coming soon!

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  1. My humble opinion states: “As for the rug, flip it over. I think that texture and color pattern will make you feel better about your choices. And yes you need the neutral of that rug under foot to ground the space”.

  2. I don't think I want to flip it over just yet. I like the almost animal print look of the way it is. I just need to bring more into the room first to get a better sense of direction. I have ideas!

  3. Sarah, I've been following your blog for about 3 months now. I can tell you why you have so many Pinterest followers: You're smart, funny, and honest. Your blog reveals the trials and tribulations of the DIY world, and you offer those of us beginning down that path with inspiration. In addition, you have great taste. The things you pin are appealing and give us all terrific new ways to think of how to spruce up our own homes. So, thanks. And keep doing what you're doing! -Tracy

  4. The person that said your house was ugly has probably never picked up a paint brush in their entire life and has no idea how long it takes to transform a home with little income. I have been reading your blog for a few months now and it's one of my favorites. Thank you!