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As I’m typing today’s post, I have six fingers, two toes, and one kneecap (don’t ask) splotched with paint. What that should tell you (other than being incredibly messy when I DIY) is that I both got a lot of painting done and I have now used up the last of the paint in the gallon I had. Even though paint is cheap, I get creative at trying to use every last drop, and will sporadically begin painting other walls instead of calling it a day (and energy that doesn’t get used is wasted, so I like to keep going if I can).

When it comes to the living room, you’d better believe I have more walls than paint (not for long of course; I will be grabbing another gallon tonight). But more on that later when I can move the furniture back in place and take a non-nighttime photo of the progress. It’s so much brighter, and I can’t wait to show you on tomorrow’s Dueling DIY post.

Speaking of creativity, now that the walls are painted (knowing that the entryway is completely painted forever is incredibly satisfying), I can’t help but start thinking about the art that will eventually cover the walls. I want color. I want the entryway to feel inviting and collected. But as an avid DIYer, I need to also create the art that will go in my home; buying every piece would simply feel inauthentic. Plus, I’m a cheapskate, so spending a few bucks on some paint is often cheaper than paying for a print that I can easily make myself (and I prefer the texture of painted canvas more than a thin copied print anyway).

See my art inspiration board here.

So, this evening’s task will be swinging by the art supply store. The goal for this week will be to create at least one (if not several) of these inspiring pieces and put my own spin on them for the UDH. Alcohol will likely be involved (merely as a tribute to artists everywhere – or something like that). Hopefully I can find a few minutes between coats on the walls up the staircase (these are tall walls and a huge pain in the ass to paint, thus why I’ve waited until after painting several easier walls to tackle them). All I know for sure is, after spending several weeks painting walls as neutral as Switzerland, I’m itching to get started on a creative project!

What are  your goals for the week?

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  1. The so much brighter moment happened for me too when I finished redoing the built-in linen cubby we have in our hallway by the bathroom. It started out on Saturday with a dark taupe interior and dark teal on the interior side of the doors (Guess the vintage of our house … hahaha). It is now gloriously coated in a shade called Quail’s Egg (and much prettier than those inches of white stuff I can seepiling up outside our dining room window) and sporting the linens all neatly rolled and sorted in new primitive grey and white chipwood baskets. And yes like you when I sat down last night I found paint (and pain) in places that had me going ‘How the h …’. As for the artwork, tho definitely not the most musically inclined, I adore the bird with the notes in it.

    Am now done babbling, time to get ready for a snowshoe drive to work,

  2. Its really fun to watch it all come together over there for you! I am looking forward to seeing what you create!

    Oh man – this week for us will be bananas. We move on Saturday – so I will be doing a good deal of shoving random stuff in a box.

    1. Good luck on your move. It was rough getting from a one-bedroom apartment to this house. I don’t know what it will be like with the next place (whenever that is).

  3. I am back in the game and that looks like a very good idea! To paint your own pictures, I mean! I am starting to get revved up and finishing painting my condo. but for today, I am resting looking at my collection of tea cups (which of course I can’t DIY,LOL)!

  4. Lol you sound like me when I paint. I was redoing our dining room this weekend (we were a little TOO bold with the paint the first go around) and had paint under all my fingernails, on my face, in my hair, and on my thighs – yes. Thighs. I have a tendency to wipe excess paint off of the trim with my fingers and then wipe it on my painting jeans – which then apparently soaked through to leave paint splotches on my thighs. Ah – the joys of DIY! :)

  5. I’m interested to see how your art turns out. I can DIY a fair amount of things – but not likely the things on your board. Looking forward to tutorials!!!

  6. I know what you mean about painting! However you are much more talented than me, I can’t even draw a straight line. I’m sure your room will look great.

    1. A very special ladder in the garage and other tools that help reach hard places :) I’ve done it once before and I’ll share the details in a future post!