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Maybe it’s that Mom and Dad’s dining room is now finished off so nicely, that I can’t help but want one of my own. Or maybe it’s that it’s been months since I’ve worked on this room and I’m too project A.D.D. to not switch back whenever I want to. Or, simply, I’m tired of having absolutely everything that belongs in the dining room and kitchen (including furniture) piled high in my living room like an episode of Hoarders.

Yeah, probably the last one. But at any rate, I’m ready to get the walls in my dining room finished off. I’ve already sketched up my game plan, finalized the paint color, purchased new curtains and rugs, installed picture frame molding, and now, all that’s really left is sanding down the skim coat on the walls and slapping the paint on.

Well, technically, I’ll probably need to do one more skim coat and sand job after this before the walls are up to my perfectionist standards, but at least the first round is already done. And I have a nifty new tool to help me move a little faster than previous rooms. So I’m simply (impatiently) setting a goal this month to finish these walls and reclaim this room.

Crossing my fingers and stretching out my arms… ready, set, go!

P.S. Today’s the first evening of the Haven Conference, so if you follow me on Instagram, be prepared to see my feed turn into an equation that pretty much looks like this: [Sarah + beer + other bloggers you enjoy reading + other random bloggers putting on their party pants = total of Instagram feed for 3 days]. Just a head’s up, especially if you find the chance of me accidentally putting a ridiculously embarrassing picture of myself on the internet entertaining (oh, wait – I’ve done that before. Carry on).

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  1. I wish I had instagram just for this! Have a great time and please don’t feel odd woman out–you have come too far in this blogging arena to feel like the awkward duck. :)

    1. Thank you for posting this project. I have spent soooo many hours looking for info on how far down from the chair rail the molding should be etc…Now I know!!! ;) I was working on a house that was built in 1901. Every bit of detail had been removed. It had 70’s paneling on every wall. Yuck!!! I was set to bring it back to life. Unfortunatly we had to move do to family. But now I have what I need to start on my new house. Thanks.

    2. So sweet. It was a great time – saw a lot of friends who I rarely get to see but for this conference (it’s kind of funny to be close to so many people I never would have met without the blog!). I only wish it had gone on longer!