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Skim coating is always slow going. But I’ve managed to finish off one bucket of slop (the bucket I was using for the bathroom skim coat job) and moved on to a new one.

Ah, nothing like a fresh bucket of joint compound, eh?

Sorry for the grainy night photos. Most of the work I’ve been doing lately happens after I get home from work (I’m so glad that it’s going to start getting lighter again soon!). Charlie stays pinned to my side the whole time; if she’s not laying down in the room I’m in, she’s got her nose stuck right into my latest project.

For a full tutorial on skim coating after removing wallpaper, I created a detailed post during the primary bath redo that will give you all of the specifics. Just click here for the lowdown (and alllllll of my long-winded advice). This is one of those kinds of tasks that was really fun to learn the first time around. And now it’s more like a task that you know you have to do to get to the good part.

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  1. Dining room is really starting to come together! Keep up your motivation!! It's gonna look so bad ass.

  2. Good for you for conquering the wallpaper beast! I'm sure you were feeling like you'd still be working on it next Christmas!

  3. Oh, and can I say that I'm so jealous of your projects, because we have been in this house for 2 years exactly and I can't seem to finish it! I mean….jeez. But, I think seeing you bust it out like this, girl, means I am finding my motivation! :)