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I guess I was feeling a little impressionable the other day, because I saw a woman picking out acorn squash at the grocery store and immediately wanted to be in her shoes.Well, not necessarily the actual shoes she was wearing – they were a little Old Fart-y for my taste, but I envied that her afternoon was so simple and carefree that she could spend countless minutes eyeballing speckled, teensy pieces of squash as if it was the highlight of her day.

She caught me with a quizzical look on my face, smiled and explained that she was planning a dinner party that evening and would need the squash to create a table centerpiece.

I smiled back and thought about how this time last year, I was having a fall-inspired housewarming party. For a moment, I got nostalgic. Then before I knew it, a bundle of squash wound up in my own basket (they were packaging mesh bags of varied colors and sizes together in the same way you would buy potatoes in bulk).

I wasn’t really ready to decorate the table yet for Thanksgiving, especially since I’m not planning on party hosting this year, but it can’t hurt to get a little festive, right?

A few more decorations sprinkled in soon (I have a few ideas in mind), and I can almost smell the hot cider.

Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!

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  1. *evil eye at Sarah* Sometimes a doctor has banned you from wearing anything with a heel for the foreseeable future you person with good knees you. ACL replacement and half a meniscus in one knee, no meniscus in the other, bone on bone in both – old fart-y shoes I loves you! LOL! Sorry just had to pick on you; evil eye removed. BTW, the table looks very nice. I have the same napkins and placements … Bed, Bath and Beyond right?


  2. I love the squash and pumpkins(especially the white ones)! That is exactly what I do with my dining room table! :)

  3. @Tams, nothing wrong with a great pair of flats! I wear them all the time myself when I feel like giving my heels a break, but this woman was far too young to be wearing those half-heel things from the 80s. She looked like a time warp.