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My house is currently very awkwardly colored. Part of it is the new tan/cream combo; part of it is still brown.

But if you zoom in, it looks a lot better. At least, that’s what I’m telling myself after hours (and HOURS) of working on the exterior of my home for the last month. Not to mention, most of it was during a Georgia summer, and only recently started cooling off (but granted, 95 dropping to 80 is still hot when you’re working up a sweat).

Considering how it looked before,

I’m willing to overlook the obvious color clashing.

Just for now, let’s pretend that the only things my neighbors can see are the new parts of the house. Maybe they are ostriches having a head-in-the-sand moment, I dunno.

It’d be kind of a cool neighborhood if that were true, don’t you think? Then the last thing on anyone’s minds would be the paint colors of my house. They’d be more like “Why do you live in the zoo?”

Or something like that. I realize I’m rambling, but I’m sweaty, tired, and exhaustion begets delirium (or so the talking mailbox tells me). Today, you get either coherent sentences or photographs of the house… guess which one I chose.)

Tomorrow, I go back inside the house to get a little cleaning done (and a glass of water to get rid of these dehydrated hallucinations). Oh, and there are a few big announcements coming this week for this ol’ blog – including a long overdue giveaway! Hope you had a great weekend!

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  1. Curious to know if you considered home window tinting to combat the Atlanta heat. We have even higher temperatures here in Texas, and most of our energy costs are driven by AC use in the Summer.

    We've had good results in energy efficiency, and the window tint enhances the appearance — even for traditional homes.

  2. And my offer to come help you with some of this still stands. If you need help, give me a holler. We'll have to work out the WHEN since I have family outside Atlanta, and work issues, but I don't mind helping.

  3. The exterior of your home is coming along brilliantly! I love the new colour scheme – can't wait to see more!