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Yesterday, I mentioned that in addition to some of the home maintenance my Dad was helping me with (along with our neighborhood friend, Tony), we were also tackling a few long-standing items on the to-do list. Let’s start here:

See anything wrong with this picture? About half of the house is covered by overgrown trees. Time to do something about that. And time for me to try out a new tool. Dad brought over this little ditty, a brand new electric pole saw:

Which meant we had to put it together and fill ‘er up with oil. Unfortunately, chain oil and my phone don’t mix, so I only have this pic. But basically, you use the Allen wrench to unscrew the top cover. Then, you take the silver thingy (stop me if I get too technical for you) that holds the chain, and wrap the chain around it. The chain then hooks around a wheel inside the contraption, and you tighten the chain with a screwdriver. And with another hand, you place the cover back onto the front and use the Allen wrench to screw things back together. It’s actually very simple to do – but I’d recommend a second set of hands to make sure that the chain is nice and secure before putting the cover back on.

Then, we placed a ladder underneath the tree, and I climbed up about halfway. The extension of the pole is plenty long, so I didn’t have to climb all the way to the top to reach the branches. And considering that a pole saw is a little top heavy (this one was very lightweight, but still), keeping my footing was super important.

And then, I simply got to work. I should have worn glasses, for sure. A lot of wood chips flew at my face, so I couldn’t always look directly up. Note to self for next time!

Dad took the pictures while branch after branch came falling down. Tip I learned from Tony: saw about halfway through the branch, and when it begins to fall, back off on the speed of the saw. Let gravity do its thing and the weight of the branch will bend it downward. Then saw the rest of the way through the branch. That way, you don’t have the branch falling directly down from its original spot. It will, in a sense, lessen the blow of the drop. Which protects peoples’ noggins (we are working directly above our heads, after all).

I took care of everything I could reach, and then Tony climbed up to the next level of branches up to take care of a few more.

It was hot. Arms sore. Back sore. Covered in wood chips. It’s a good look.

But the house is much more visible from the street. Pay no mind to the unfinished trim; I’ll have some more info about that soon.

Phew! More to come later this week. But that’s all for now!

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  1. Woooweeeee I did some trimming this weekend too although it was a much smaller scale and with less cool tools but holy sore arms! Seriously, it was a killer! Looks awesome, can’t wait to read about the trim :)

  2. Trimming trees and bushes is one of those things that you don’t realize how badly it needed done until you have finished and then it’s like, “Why didn’t I do that a long time ago!”.

    Great job, it looks great!

  3. Wow, what a job. You should be so proud of yourself! I am amazed every time I read your blog that you are taking this all on and doing such a great job. We are currently doing major home repair after a nasty flood that happened in our house so I know how hard and frustrating it can be. Great job, your house looks amazing with those branches removed. :-)

  4. What a fantastic job! I am thinking now of trimming the trees just outside my house to make it also visible and enable the sunlight penetrate inside the house.

  5. Wow – it looks 100% better. Your house is so cute from the outside (for some reason, I don’t think I ever saw the front before)!!!

    I like that the tool is electric. I was going to use my dad’s hand saw for my overgrown trees, but having the machine do most of the work sounds like a good investment to me!! :)