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There are two things I want you to notice with this picture.

Trying my best to capture the little leaves.

For one; this photo marks my very first day having the guts to take my camera off of Auto (all thanks to a great Haven session from ShootFlyShoot – I’m planning on taking their online class, too). I’m learning. Bear with me. But it’s very exciting.
This photo also marks another interesting thing:  I’m growing something. From seeds.  Which is the opposite of killing them. Or neglecting them. I am bucking my own trend.
Closeup of the crooked basil.
Sure, I’ve killed basil before. But these little seedlings seem to enjoy where they are (even though they are somewhat straining to reach the sunlight. It beats burning them in the Georgia heat.
I also potted a few succulents. These little pots were originally pale pink (from Ikea) that I spray painted with Rustoleum 2X. I friggin’ love that stuff. I even used one of the leftover caps as a plastic pot for additional seedlings (I know, it’s a spray paint can lid, but the plastic cap didn’t have any actual paint on it, and I doubt I’ll ever use the basil for more than just looks, so I wasn’t really concerned with the health aspect of eating from plants grown in a spray paint lid. Use what ya got!).
Succulents, flowerpots, and yellow spray paint - oh my!
Aren’t my dirty windowsills lovely? Didn’t bother to wipe the soil off of them for the picture. I basically learned on this day to take a better picture of the dirt in my house.
These little seeds and succulents are growing in the kitchen window. A window which now faces two new small additions to the back yard:
Homegoods backyard planters with red flowers
Again, it’s not much. Especially with a giant pile of clipped shrubs and pine straw surrounding it. But these little red flowers have been alive for six weeks. I found the planters at Homegoods (when I found the rug) and let them sit on the patio for a few weeks until I got sick of making a mosquito haven and just planted something in it already.
I think I’m finally figuring this flower thing out. I’m starting with just a few plants and figuring it out as I go. Even if the rest of the yard looks like crap, at least my neighbors know I’m trying!
Disclaimer: Post contains an affiliate link.

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  1. I've been trying my hand at gardening for the last four years since we moved into our first house. It is absolutely a trial and error process. This year my window boxes are doing better than ever before and it's such a satisfying feeling to see that :)

    Love the comment about learning to take better pictures of your dirt!

  2. yay for new growth!!

    I have a self proclaimed 'black thumb' but I have decided that this is the year I stop killing plants. So now all I need to do is convince my plants to go along with that…there has already been a mutiny among the petunias…

    I am new to your blog, but I really like it! I am looking forward to reading more.

  3. Welcome! Always glad to have new readers. Although, I should warn you, you get the same deal as existing readers. Cell phone companies kinda have the “treat new people better” market cornered.

  4. Ha! I bought those same blue planters weeks ago…and they are currently serving as a mosquito haven on the back patio. :P I still need to drill drainage holes into the bottom of them. Good luck ditching auto — I think your pictures look very nice!