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I’ve been on an Etsy art prints kick lately. This past year, I nearly finished painting fifteen separate wall surfaces in my house the same pale, clean, neutral background (Benjamin Moore’s Dove Wing, color matched in Behr flat enamel). And it’s all for the sake of having a clean, relaxing place to call home – with colorful art that stands out in contrast.

art pop

I’ve always had an artistic side. I love drawing. And painting. And that’s recently morphed into graphic design as well. But because of my abilities, I’ve assumed through arrogance (and being a cheapskate) that with few exceptions, I would be creating all of the art that would be displayed in my home. And then time passes… and my walls are still bare. I keep waiting for some magic day in which I will finally take the time to create beautiful art everywhere in this home. It has happened on occasion, like the gold leaf map in my studio room (now that I’m out of school, it feels silly to keep calling it the “study-o” since I’m no longer going to use it for studying) and the agate slice art in my hallway. I want to create the art for sentimental reasons as well; buying someone else’s art never really feels like “me” as much as something that I’ve created on my own, or art that was created based on a particular experience (like the agate slices I picked up on vacation last year).

And then time passes and my walls are still. bare.  Except for those two pieces. Good intentions or not, the end result remains the same. So I finally bit the bullet and started shopping around on Etsy for prints I don’t think I can do quite so well on my own, but still express some part of the art I’d like to make someday (links contain affiliates):

1. Miles Davis watercolor oil print. Actually, I can’t even explain why I bought this. I’m not at all a jazz lover of any kind. I just like the lines. The color too. And it seems like it will be exactly the kind of bright spot of color I’ll need my new laundry room. I can’t even explain why I think that either. But I’m going with it. Electric indigo is going to look pretty damn cool in that room when all is said and done.

2. Rolling Pin kitchen print. Speaking of just going with it, I think this print probably best explains my approach to cooking in general. I will gladly call myself a baker (in that I can follow directions of exact measurements and come up with something that looks and tastes like I expect; “raspberry orange tiramisu” may sound fancy, but basically requires layering of various pieces of food… and I can totally do that). Cooking – where you have more creative freedom – tends to baffle me. I use the hope and prayer method on most dishes. And I’ve learned not to mind overcooked chicken.

just roll with it print

3. Brynn abstract print. This one I found just hopping around Etsy for nothing in particular. It seems familiar, so it’s probably popped up on any number of blogs I read (just not sure which). Regardless, it has every right to be on a featured list. It’s gorgeous. I don’t really have a spot for it in mind so far, but if I had to guess, it would belong in a gallery wall in my hallway. Whenever I finally finish painting the hallway (I haven’t yet been brave enough to play around with ladders to reach the ceiling in front of the stairs).

Because of the holidays, most Etsy stores have delayed shipping – so things are moving a little slow in actually getting them in the mail. The Just Roll With It print arrived on Sunday, so it’s now sitting on my kitchen counter and waiting for its final home. Just as soon as I figure out where that is, exactly. But I’m patting myself on the back for getting it into a frame already.

How about you? Do you prefer to make your own art for your home? Do you have a tough time getting things hung on the walls?

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  1. I, too, have a difficult time with choosing art and also prefer to make my own. What I do love is photos, (especially black & white photos) and I love to take them! That way I have subjects that are meaningful to me whether it’s my family or a scenic place down on the river or from a vacation. However, loving the B&W as much as I do my real trouble area is finding “color” ones I love! So…..

    I gave my 2 year old grandson some 5×7 artist canvases, assorted acrylic paints and assorted brushes/sponges and let him go to town on the canvases. I now have 6 beautiful & colorful abstract paintings in dollar store black frames. Going to look great on the gray walls in the back hall! And finally! Some color!

  2. Love the Just roll with it and the Giclee painting. I love collecting random bit of art, and like you— dabble in painting myself so Most of the stuff I have at home is “homemade”. I also have a love for cool old signs, so I have some old gas station letters framed: http://creativelifeantics.com/2013/04/22/its-in-the-numbers/ and I found a really cool old “Tequila” sign that hangs in my dining room.

    I have a thing for numbers and letters too. So there’s some scrabble letters craft coming up and also a number one on my “to do” list.

    It’s fun stuff. Cant wait to see your kitchen finished. :)

  3. Ok..short and sweet this time. While getting my links I lost this page! I just bought this and thought it was a really cool idea! http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1440570884/ref=oh_details_o01_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
    I also love etsy. Bought a bunch of qoutes for my girls and myself from https://www.etsy.com/shop/penandpaint
    and some REAL artwork from Kari Humphrey on etsy. A glicee of two chickens. Yep–we had 25 chickens a few years ago in our other life on 64 acres in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Yep. We are looking for a cow next. I kind of have the traditional, cottage, farmhouse style. :)

  4. I have stacks of art, photos, frames, canvases, sitting in a pile waiting to be hung. I’m a commitment-phobe! What if I want to rearrange furniture? What if I find something else that better suits the space? What if I like this piece better in that room or vice versa? So indecisive. Ugh, I need to just get hanging already and remember that spackling tiny nail holes never hurt nobody.

    1. If some of the prints/photos aren’t too heavy consider the 3M hangers they have out. I have gone to these for smaller pieces as our walls are a mess (and we just had a few fixed) and are made of everything from gypsum board, to drywall, to wallpapered and painted drywall–and you can’t fix that. These seem to work well. Even less commitment. :)

    2. I, too, suffer from the indecisive gene. My go-to lately has been the 3M adhesive strips like Kristin mentioned. I put them on the back of clipboards and switch out the art. Surprisingly, they worked well even on our plaster walls!

  5. PS – I absolutely LOOOVE the 3rd print and am contemplating getting a super large one for above my mantle – I love it that much! It feels familiar to me too, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen it before?

    1. I actually found an older post from Rambling Renovators – I don’t remember reading it before then, but maybe it’s just been making the rounds in blogland. Either way, it’s beautiful. I’ll be sure to post an update when I have mine in person so you can see how it looks.

  6. Sarah we just came across this post, the print looks fantastic all framed up! Always lovely to see!!

  7. i’m totally addicted to buying arts/prints and frames. i also buy calendars and cannibalize them for the art prints.

    i think i have …. god, 100+ pieces of art on my bedroom walls.
    plus more sitting either unframed in a couple file folders and about 20 extra frames in various sizes.

    i buy the frames at the local thrift, and cut new plexi for them if the glass is missing/cracked, or the existing plexi is low quality/crazed/cracked.

    i can’t wait to have a house large enough that i can have a clean room for framing and photography. :D