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So, about that light in the kitchen:

After spending part of my afternoon to install it, I have decided I’m not a fan.

When I first bought it (a year ago?), I thought it was a good choice. It was inexpensive and perfectly “fine” for a light fixture that was going to replace a gumball light that no one wanted anyway. But as anyone who has been redecorating a home knows, sometimes tastes evolve as the project moves forward. It also took some unexpected effort to install this thing, so I really really wanted to try to like it; I even considered DIYing a hack to get it more like what I think I want now. But eventually, had to admit defeat. It’s just not the right choice for the room.

So now, I’m stuck with a light I can’t return and wanting to find something new. But what?

lighting options - breakfast nook

Fortunately, there are a lot of amazing options in my less-than-$250 price range.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of amazing options in my less-than-$250 price range. So many, in fact, that I rigged this nifty little scroll-y thing below for you to browse through my top choices if you wanna do some online shopping with me (contains affiliates). It’s kind of a neat change of pace from the match-the-number-to-the-link routine.

Lighting Options

However… I don’t want to make the mistake of choosing the wrong one again, so I also whipped up a mood board to help put all of the elements of the area together and visualize it. I bought the stools a long time ago and mentioned the paint color back in this post, so the rest of the to-do list mostly consists of putting up the crown, finishing the baseboard paint, installing a bar to match the kitchen countertops, and finding a simple rug or runner for the floor.

breakfast nook mini mood board

My favorite light fixture is the one in the pic above, but it looks like it’s already sold out. I’m thinking of a DIY option instead, but if it proves too much of a challenge, one of these other choices could be fun too.

Speaking of DIY challenges, Sandra from Sawdust Girl is going to be hosting a “sCrap Wood Challenge” on Nov. 20th that I plan to participate in. If you want to play along, raid your scrap wood pile and create something (no new wood pieces, check the link for more details) and be ready to link up your post (or if you don’t have a blog, just use the #sCrapWoodChallenge hashtag on social media). There’s no prize for this as far as I know, but it’s really fun to look at things people can come up with. I have a plan for what I want to do and what I plan to do if the thing I want to do takes too long to finish before Friday, so just think of this as a way to force yourself to get rid of all of that stuff you’re hoarding in your garage. Have a great week!

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  1. That interactive shopping thin is so cool! It’s timely for me that you’ve posted this, I was just looking at my light fixtures over my table, kitchen island, sink, and entryway (one big area) and none of them match or work well together.
    I really love the lotus pendant, but 11.5 inches is a bit small I think. I also like those pointed multi-faceted star pedants that I’ve seen from Pottery Barn. (This one: http://goo.gl/WL8mxz)
    I think of your other choices, since your favorite is sold out, I’d go with the Alexander pendant from Dot and Bo, it’s sleek and classy, and doesn’t have anything in the way of the light bulb to cast shadows. The smaller similar one would be nice over the sink too :-)
    Can’t wait to see what you choose!

  2. I think you’re on to something when you look toward a darker framed fixture. It seems everything else in the picture is pale, and having something that contrasts will stand out. I like the black cage-like options, but prefer the one that is less squaty than the other! Is Squaty a word?

    1. Funny enough, I heard about a product this weekend called “the squatty”… it involves unicorns and funny YouTube commercials and being utterly grossed out, so fair warning.

      But you’re right on the money about the black fixture option. I will have a couple of other black accents (over the window & drapery hardware) that will make black a good choice. Plus a not-yet-revealed piece of artwork on that same wall. Good eye!

    1. Awesome! Thanks so much for looking these up for me. Now I’m going to spend another hour drooling over more light fixtures…

  3. This looks like a blank canvas to me! You’re so creative. Couldn’t you paint it or cover it with colorful craft paper, or stones or shells or tiny, beautiful glass tiles?

    1. All great suggestions (between this & your other comment)! But it’s just one of those instinctual “yeah…no” kinds of thoughts running through my head every time I look at it. I considered paint, I considered covering the ugly ivory cord, but the shade bothers me a lot and the way the light filters through it and up on the ceiling is another problem. I have a DIY plan in place, but it will be a while until I gather the parts to make it a reality. Stay tuned!