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Hey guys! It’s been a while since we last ran a giveaway, but LARSON Doors came to me a few weeks ago and asked about sponsoring a giveaway for one of their popular storm doors to one lucky reader. And since a close friend of mine was just talking to me about needing a new one herself (and we’re heading into the rainy spring season soon enough), it seemed like perfect timing (I promise though, winners are chosen completely at random, so no playing favorites here… sorry L!).


You guys might recall a long while ago, I actually removed the craptastic and ankle-chewing old storm door that existed on my front door before I spruced up the exterior. Here is the before:

old front door look with old storm door

And here is what it looks like these days (ahem, well not right now… I haven’t bought new flowers for the front this season!)… note to self: take a wider-angle shot this spring.

new front door look
In case you’re wondering: the front door color is called Night Shade.

I probably should have looked into just replacing the storm door with a new one back then—especially since these updated models like the Premier Classic Elegance Easy Vent® with Retractable Screen Away® (the one I’m giving away!) seem like they have quite a lot of nifty features, including some possible energy savings:

  • Two-color-matched adjustable speed closers. The bottom closer features a Hold-Open button that holds the storm door open with a tap of your toe.
  • Add Low-E glass for increased energy efficiency. The high performance Low-E glass option will help reduce your household energy costs and increase the comfort of your home. Low-E glass reduces the amount of UV light that enters your home and protects your entry from fading.
  • Full glass design allows maximum natural light into home
  • Maintenance-free aluminum frame and overlapping edge seals out harsh weather and provides a tight seal to keep out drafts
  • Double weatherstripping delivers superior weather protection
  • Designer screw covers conceal exterior screws for a finished look
  • Decorative lever handle includes a built-in keyed deadbolt lock

And if you take this totally-not-staged guy modeling his superfly popped collar into consideration, it looks pretty easy to hang for a DIY project as well (hehe, sorry, couldn’t help myself!):

larson storm door installation
(Stock photo from their website. I actually have no idea who this is.)

LARSON actually even offered to provide me with a storm door of my own to try out, but after moving and replacing the doorbell and making a few other cosmetic changes to the front, adding a storm door back into the mix would have meant moving everything back once more. And um… since I’m much lazier than that, I would rather just let you guys get one and brag all about how much more equipped for Mother Nature you are than I am because of my vanity. So, let’s get on with it, shall we?


Leave a comment on this post and update the Rafflecopter widget below that you did the one and only thing I require to enter one of my giveaways. I love it when you guys make these entries fun for me to read, so let’s go with this question: are you the type who sleeps like a rock during storms (uh, me!), or are you the type who spends the entire night barking and/or whining out of worry (Charlie, obviously)?


  • Prize: One (1) LARSON Premier Classic Elegance Easy Vent® with Retractable Screen Away®
  • Number of winners: One (1)… technically I guess if you had a family that lived in your house with you, you all get to benefit from the door equally, but one entry per email address ;)
  • Giveaway ends: Let’s make it a week from today, March 17th at 11:59 PM EST… I’ll be wearing green.
  • Geographical restrictions: sorry, continental U.S. only
  • Yes, you have to leave a comment. Or don’t, but if you don’t, you probably won’t win. I check them because I’d much rather reward a reader (usually giveaway jumpers don’t stop to leave a comment, so that seems to help your chances!).
  • Please update the Rafflecopter widget to confirm you’ve left a comment. Winner will be chosen at random via the widget auto-generator.

Ready, and… GO! Good luck!
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  1. I sleep like a rock! But we live in the PNW and our storms are less lightening-and-thunder and more like just constant heavy rain, which I love to listen to as I fall asleep. My furry roomates are cool with rain so I think we all just bunk down in storms.

  2. I don’t sleep well during storms, as I always find myself worrying about my house exterior (ie, downspouts, roof, water drainage, you know fun stuff) But I would love a new storm door. My house isn’t new. but new to me. And I think the storm door is original!!! Pick me Pick me. I even promise to remember to wear green if I win?!

  3. I would be a rock if it wasn’t for my dog that acts as if someone is attacking the house during a storm. We have to strap all 60 pounds of her into a thunder vest in order to calm her down.

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway! We recently installed a new front door but desperately need a storm door, I”m assuming the model guy installing it isn’t included?! :)

    1. Hehe, I’m guessing (unfortunately) no. But, I suppose you can always contact customer service and ask if there’s a popped collar bonus pack included. ;)

  4. I did the exact same thing you did and removed my jankey storm door. Although I live in Minnesota and realized this past winter that it might not have been my brightest moment. I love the look of these doors though and would go through the trouble for one!

  5. Sadly, I sleep like a rock. Which is a total bummer because I love watching storms, especially when they are like the wrath of God ones like in Raiders of the Lost ark….
    Anyway, I totally need a new storm door because the nasty brown one we have sucks, and is an ankle biter. ugh! Even my cat won’t go near it….

  6. I used to sleep like a rock during storms until I had a baby. Now I just get tense all night waiting for the storm to wake him up, but it never does. Might have something to do with the fact that his nightly sound machine is set to storm sounds. #facepalm

  7. depends, i guess? if it’s snowing/raining, i sleep like a very soothed rock. but if it’s lightning/thunder/rain blasting the house, i have trouble sleeping because i get anxious about flooding etc!

  8. I sleep like a rock! I find storms completely relaxing and they help me drift off to sleep. Something sort of comforting about the noise actually, is that weird?

  9. I usually try to stay awake if we have any thunderstorms/ lighting. Living out her in the Bay Area of CA- we rarely get them. It’s a treat when we do!

  10. I can’t sleep through storms, but not because I’m scared (ok, maybe a little). But, I’m just a light sleeper. I love laying there listening to them, though!

  11. Not much barking and whining, but I sleep terrible when the weather is bad. Every clap of thunder, flash of lightening, and increase in water down flow from the skies wakes me up.

  12. I love Larson doors. I have replaced my front door but now need a new storm door. This would be great!

  13. A regular storm lets me sleep.
    A bad storm with lots of wind,thunder and lightning keeps me awake.

  14. It depends on the storm! lol But I can usually sleep through anything. Thank you for the giveaway!

  15. There is nothing more soothing and sleep inducing than the sound of rain or a storm. I have a big skylight over my bed, and we get crazy electrical storms in Denver. My kids and I love watching the fireworks, and more than once we have soothed to sleep during the “show”.

  16. I have successfully slept through a tornado, an earthquake, and a storm that dropped golf ball sized hail :)

  17. GAHHHHH I was just telling Tim we need to replace ALL the exterior doors, you are like an angel!

    I do not like storms, Sam I am :)

  18. I wake up for every. little. noise. I wish I could just sleep through a storm! And of course my husband sleeps like a rock.

  19. I don’t sleep like a rock during storms.. BUT only because it’s so comforting to lay there and listen to the storm pass by. My dog surprisingly isn’t terrified of storms either. I think they’re calming to him as well. He also loves to try to ‘eat’ the rain as it falls down. He’s totally a zoomies in the rain kinda guy. Except for once when we were outside and there was no sign of storms and its just thundered out of nowhere. He immediately ran back inside.

  20. My front door is a very similar blue and I love it. It’s the only one in the neighborhood. My storm door has been broken for a year and I need to replace it very badly, so this would be great!

  21. i would gladly go through the trouble of installing this door (and calling my dad to come help) – they are not only attractive but very necessary in Minnesota.

  22. If it’s a mild story, I sleep like a baby. If it’s a major storm, I definitely cannot sleep at all

  23. Oh, sleep like a rock. I grew up in Dallas (tornadoes!) and lived in Houston for 17 years (hurricanes!), so storms don’t bother me at all. My dog sleeps through them too…unless there is an actual dog walking by our house during the storm, then he loses his shit.

    I always wonder about storm doors with locks, do these designers not have children who think it’s funny to lock people out? We have a keypad lock on the door, so when somebody gets locked out, they can get back in. This happens weekly. Deadbolt on a storm door = locked out of the house.

  24. I can usually sleep through unless the thunder gets too loud. Then I have a hard time going back to sleep until it’s over.

  25. I sleep fine now, but that was not the case a couple of years ago. We had 2 water oaks near the house, one of which uprooted and fell across the street in 2009. After that, I would worry the other oak would fall on the house in a storm, and actually, I would sleep on the couch on the opposite side of the house. (The oak was right outside our bedroom.) We decided to get the tree taken down in 2014, which still saddens me to think about it, since it was such a big, gorgeous oak. Except when bad storms come through (like today! I’m in Louisiana), and I can sleep at ease in my own bed.

  26. I will admit.. that I am a BIG BABY when it comes to storms!! I am the one who is usually calling my mom & dad in the middle of the night telling them how scared I am LOL!!!

  27. Oh and I use to sleep like a rock through everything including tornado sirens until I had kids that is.

  28. I love to wake up to a storm during the night! Then I lie there listening to it since I love the sound of the rain on the skylight in our room and the thunder crashing. Of course sometimes I am annoyed by the noise level but most of the time it’s relaxing and a delicious sound!

  29. I love your front door color! I enjoy sleeping during storms, but would really love the look of a storm door!!

  30. I sleep like a rock through storms, but I love storms, so sometimes wish I would be woken up so I could just lie in bed and listen.

  31. I think your blog is awesome. I NEED a storm door. I don’t have one at all. And I just finished doing there basement and I’m saving for my next DIY! Pleeeeeeaaaaassssseee?!

    Ok thanks for listening!

  32. Talk about sleeping through things!!! – One time I slept through the neighbor’s house burning down. My husband was outside with all the other neighbors watching the whole thing and he didn’t even wake me up (and I didn’t even WAKE UP!!) And no I didn’t drink that night. The next morning I was outside in our backyard talking to the little girl from down the street who came over to play with my son. I said Do you smell a campfire? And she said It’s probably the house next door that you’re smelling. It burned down last night. There was a tall hedge between our houses so I couldn’t see it from the backyard. Talk about shocked! My husband was already gone to work when I woke up, so I didn’t know. He later told me there were fire engines and sirens and police cars, etc. I still to this day cannot believe I didn’t wake up.

  33. I love thunder and lightening storms!! We get them during the hot summer at our cabin. The negative is the fire danger from these storms. In 2002 our cabin and 17 others were burned to the ground. Thank goodness for insurance. I still like the storms though and especially the rain that comes to cool things off.

  34. Storms make me (and my dog) nervous and keep me up. I survived a tornado passing thru my neighborhood once but it forever changed me. Ever since then I cannot sleep well when there are big storms coming thru.

  35. I so need a storm door for my patio door! A nice breeze in my living room sounds phenomenal.

  36. The things I have slept through: someone breaking down our front door, an earthquake, my sister sticking over 20 raisins between my toes, my roommates moving my mattress with me on top, over 5 fire trucks and countless emergency vehicles driving past our house and through our property because my neighbors field was on fire, the helicopter flying above our house for news coverage of said fire, over 5 meals in a row (almost two straight days) before my family got concerned enough to wake me. What I cant sleep through: movies, television shows, street lights shining through my window.

  37. I don’t sleep well during Georgia storms. I’m from it west where it rarely rains…We just bought a fixer upper in February and your blog is so helpful. The current storm door is a disaster, along with most of the house. A new one would be awesome!

  38. YES! This giveaway is so timely. My hubs and I are buying the rental we’ve been living in the last 2 years, and there are no screen doors! I keep leaving the back door open on these recent beautifullll days we’ve been having, and he gets mad because #bugs. So this would be awesome to win! And to answer the question… Growing up my bedroom didn’t have a window, just a skylight (fire code, shmire code) and so I would always lie awake during storms because of the POUNDING rain. Everybody loves a trickle of rain on a skylight until it’s 2 am and you’re basically listening to natures version of Stomp over your head. Long story short, now I pretty much sleep through storms unless they are huge. My dog does too (so lucky!). Fireworks are another story though. Ugh.

  39. I sleep so good when storms come through. they are comforting to me and i have no clue why..lol

  40. I am awake through the storms. I am too light of a sleeper! Wish I could sleep like a rock! Excited about the door, our current door is hanging crooked and broken. Too many other things on the to do list to even remove it! Haha

  41. My husband and I sleep with a noise maker app that sounds like a storm to help us sleep…we usually wake up surprised it rained because we don’t hear the real storm over our faux storm!

  42. What timing! I was just cleaning my storm door last weekend and thinking about how great it would be to have a new door. Mine’s starting to rust or something on the bottom half all of a sudden and out of nowhere. I love the look of people’s houses without a storm door, but I love more being able to leave the door and have the light stream in… and I get a big kick out of mowing the grass and looking up to see the animals peaking out..

  43. I loved reading all the comments here! I have a giant skylight over my bed, so anything more than a light rain wakes me up. I live in New England where nor’easters and wild thunderstorms are the norm, so I’ll move to the couch in the living room if the rain and wind are too loud, but it still sounds like I’m sleeping in a dishwasher. I worry about falling trees, overflowing gutters, water seeping into the basement, the whole nine yards! My husband, on the other hand, sleeps like a rock. I wish!

    We have two storm doors on our front doors, but our back door is in dire need of a new storm door. I really like the look of the full glass door—so nice for letting in natural light! The UV filter is an awesome touch!

  44. This would be perfect for the new house we’re building. I sleep like a rock through storms, and my husband always asks me the next day if I heard/saw all the thunder/lightning last night because it kept him up. I smile, sip my coffee, and give him the “coolstory, bro” look.

  45. I have no problem sleeping through a storm and love the sound of rain on the roof. My dog, however does not enjoy it and beelines under the bed! I don’t have a storm door and after reading the blog uttered a slightly creepy “I want it.”

  46. Great door, great look! Makes everything look brighter! Hope I’m not too boring- should I ask how you’re doing with the a**hole squirrels?

  47. I sleep great when it storms! We are replacing all of our windows and doors sometime this year, so a new storm door would certainly help with that! Thanks for the giveaway!

  48. A storm took our door this time last year, and we haven’t replaced it yet either! We could certainly use the face lift on that side of the house :)

    1. Oh – and I typically sleep like a baby when it storms. There is something very comforting about hearing the sound of rain falling on the roof.

  49. I sleep like a rock too- I get so excited about the awesome sleep I will get every time there’s a storm.

  50. I wish you could see the sorry state of my front and back doors. For instance, the back storm door has a wide gaping hole where the glass is supposed to be. My kitchen reno is starting up in about 6 weeks, so this would be the most perfect timing! BTW, I’m the kind of person who could sleep through a hurricane (check, done that). I don’t mess around!

    PS Your blue door is divine!

  51. A freight train could scream through my house and I’d wake up refreshed and feeling like a million dollars.
    My sleeping partner on the other hand will jump up, run around the house like a spastic squirrel, and whimper at the slightest hint of a storm….but he’s my husband I love him dearly so I live with it.

  52. Since becoming a mother, I’m a much lighter sleeper. But storms don’t typically bother me. I might wake up and hear it then go back to sleep. But my most marked sleeping like a rock fail was when I literally slept through a fire alarm malfunction in our apartment. I had no clue. The hubs was (apparently) freaking out and trying to shut it off, while I was dead to the world in Sleepytown.

  53. I used to never wake up during storms. However, since I have a 2 year old that HATES them, I’m usually the one up with him. And I’m one that freaks out a bit if it’s a bad storm. I’ve got our water, flash lights, blankets, food, etc ready to go in the basement. But don’t tell my husband. ;)

  54. Dog, cat, husband and I all sleep like the dead through basically anything. One time we slept through both of our cell phone’s emergency notification systems going off three times with a tornado warning. There were also half a dozen texts from our neighbors asking if we’d gone to the basement yet. (Don’t worry, we survived.) So now we need a storm door so we can all sit in front of it and watch the tornado roll in next time! :-)

  55. We have blackout curtains so the lightening doesn’t bother me, but the thunder can (literally) rock me awake. Our house is old and tends to tremble with loud thunder. So does out dog.

  56. I love the sleep I get during storms so much that I use the “thunderstorm” setting on my White Noise app to fall asleep every night!

  57. I love storms – and sleep soundly right through them most of the time. If I do wake up during it, I have no trouble falling back asleep!

  58. Hi Sarah, I am all about sleeping like a baby while a storm is blowing through. At least that is what my signaficant other said about me, when the loud thunder and lightning woke him up. Then looking over at me seeing a little drool, on my face as I sleep peacefully. Now that is an awesome site to behold!

  59. I sleep like a rock, but my doggy (Ruby) is a nervous Nelly and shakes like a leaf. But no barking fortunately.

  60. I love storms. I sleep much better during them. :) Especially summer thunder storms when I can crack the window just a bit.

  61. I’m more of an “awake and listening” kind of person during storm. I’m only nervous if it’s winter and I’m afraid we might lose power, though, otherwise I just enjoy the sounds :-).

    Perfect timing on this post, as we are planning to replace our front door and storm door this spring! And paint them a fun red :-).

  62. We live in tornado alley, so storms at night in make me worry a bit, especially in the spring/early summer. But I love storms during the day.

  63. I sleep like a baby when it’s rainy, but high winds will keep me awake. The perils of living in Tornado Alley :-)

  64. I do NOT sleep during storms.. I spend all night worrying about all of the worse case scenarios, checking news updates, generally all for nothing, leaving myself EXHAUSTED all the next day! I went through a severe storm when I was a kid that included a tornado, and ever since just hate all storms. My sweet dog would love having a new door to look out of all day while I am at work!

  65. I neither bark nor whine. I MIGHT wake up if it’s a pretty terrific storm. And that would be to go out on the porch and enjoy. I used to be an amateur storm chaser when I was younger and dumber than I am now.

  66. I’m a light sleeper so I’m up all night when there’s a storm. Thank you for the contest! We’re doing some major renovations to our home this spring/summer and a new door would be awesome!

  67. I usually sleep through storms. I do love listening to the summer thunderstorms if it’s while I’m awake.

  68. I sleep until the dog wakes up. Then I have to convince him no one is going to break into the house and steal his food before he will go back to sleep.

  69. Ha. I wake up at the first clap of thunder (always have) and then neurotically check the local news and/or weather channel app for storm warnings (this is what living through multiple tornadoes as a college student in Tuscaloosa does to you). One of my dogs also hates storms so we cuddle together under the covers. The other one, and my husband, sleep peacefully through it all!

  70. I Love a really good thunderstorm, lots of lighting and thunder. I find exciting even with the fear of tornadoes, I love the sound of rain.

  71. we just moved into a new house and are expecting our FIRST BABY in august. what would be better than letting him look through a new storm door at his four legged siblings that love laying in the sun on the front porch?!?!

    1. oh- and as for sleeping part- I sleep like a rock now- but I have a feeling that is all about to change!!!!!

  72. Storms wake me up because my two year old cries, “Mom….the thunder is scary!” Then he gets in my bed. :)

  73. I’m a very deep sleeper — I’ve slept through some pretty nasty storms! I love the sound of rain outside while I sleep, it’s very soothing. I can’t wait to be able to sleep with the windows open again!

    Thanks for the great giveaway! Could really use this one!

  74. I love storms and rarely sleep thru one. However, I do have a dog that get crazy anxious whenever a storm shows so I would be awake anyway. (I love that dog!!). I love getting your newletter, it makes me want to get up and do something with my spread. Doesn’t work most of the time but it does inspire ideas. Keep up the GREAT work!

  75. I sleep like a rock. My bedroom is the only room located upstairs; it’s so cozy to hear the rain on all sides.

    I hate my current screen door and would love to update it.

  76. I’m a light sleeper so I’m usually awake during storms. I don’t worry, I just don’t sleep.

  77. I sleep like a rock. If I do happen to wake up, I find the sounds of a storm so soothing that I don’t have any struggle to go back into a deep sleep!

  78. I sleep through most storms now that we are in WA state. When we lived in Colorado, the thunderstorms did wake me up. We lived on a hill and could see quite a lighting display sometimes. We would then count the beats till the thunder hit. Good times!

    I was just searching the internet for a replacement screen door! This giveaway came at a great time for me so here’s hoping I win!

    -Maria B.

  79. Depends on the storm and if I managed to latch the dang storm door. :) First storm of the season I love to stay up and watch, if I can!

  80. Some storms wake me, while I’m able to sleep through others. There’s no rhyme or reason as to which have what effect on me. If I win (fat chance I know), any chance I could have the popped collar dude install the door for me? I’ll invite you over for drinks as we supervise the installation.

  81. Totally out for the count! And my 2 “guard” dogs aren’t much better. But woe to any squirrel that dares to cross their yard :D

  82. I love a good thunderstorm!

    I neither sleep like a baby or a bag of red lava rocks from Home Depot, rather, I stare thunderstorms stright in the eye (so to speak) by heading outside to admire the beauty of the lightening, the power of the thunder, and the smell of the fresh rain. I can’t sleep at a time like that…I need to take it all in!

    Sometimes though, I find myself getting a little carried away, when I realize I’m standing barefoot in a puddle of water near my flagpole, while raising my metal shovel into the air. A beautiful screen door by LARSON Doors will help me to admire the storms from the safety of my entry inside. So, this screen door will most likely save my life! No pressure.

    Keep on blogging, it’s lots of fun!

  83. Sleep right through, once I’m out – I’m out! My husband thinks it’s pretty funny when he will ask in the morning “could you believe the wind last night” and I give him the blank stare of not knowing what he’s talking about

  84. It all depends on how tired I am! Sometimes I sleep through a storm and sometimes I wake up. Usually, the rest of the house sleeps right through.

    This is my first time ever commenting on a post, so let me also mention that I love your blog! You are super inspirational and I really enjoy everything that you share. I just discovered your site last year and of course I had to catch up. It was a lot of fun binge reading instead of watching Netflix.

    1. And I just realized I didn’t answer the original question! I sleep like a rock! Much to my husbands dismay I can sleep through anything!

  85. My front door is solid wood and I would lurve a storm door for pretty but incredibly hot Texas days!!!!

  86. I don’t sleep through a storm, but not because I’m scared; I like to sit on the porch and watch it!

  87. I like sleeping in thunderstorms. Miss Emma, my pup, however, is more like Charlie, so I end up being awake through storms now with a barking dog!

  88. We don’t get a lot of thunderstorms here – which makes me sad, as I love them! But the other morning at 4am a CRACK of thunder exploded right above my house – not only did I wake up, but I JUMPED out of bed and ran to look out the window -I was absolutely CERTAIN some giant truck had plowed into a building or something!

  89. Wow lots of comments already! We (my husband, dog, and I) usually sleep great through a storm, but 6 years ago lightening struck our front yard. Fortunately the damage was minimal, but I pay much closer attention to the big storms than ever before!

    Our house is a fixer upper too, and my husband is working hard on it. A new storm door would help get rid of that “cowboy” feel our house has and really add some must needed updating to the front entry :)

  90. I love to sleep when it’s pouring rain, the sound relaxes me. Unfortunately, it makes my dog wake up and beg to go outside, at which point he wanders around, decides it’s too wet to do his business, and hustles back to the door (where I am left standing, soaking wet).

  91. I sleep like a rock unless there’s a threat of a tornado. During those storms I usually put on a pot of coffee and pace the floors while checking weather updates while everyone else sleeps like a rock. Great giveaway! Thank you for the opportunity to possibly win! :)L

  92. My husband says I need to be medicated during storms. Like a dog. We just moved from Savannah to the California desert, so it’s going to be much less of a concern now!

  93. They usually keep me awake! I hate it! My boyfriend sleeps like a rock. We live in a trailer so it sounds like it’s blowing apart LOL

  94. Love the screen away feature of the all glass storm doors, I’ve never seen one that you can hold open with a button though! That would be an awesome feature to have.

    Painful story, when we replaced our full glass back screen we leaned the old, heavy, broken one against the deck instead of removing it from the area immediately. The wind caught it and the frame crashed onto the top of my head. No lasting damage but lots of blood and slight concussion. We learned our lesson…keep your work area clear!????

  95. Oh, and I sleep very well during storms, although my hubs repeatedly getting out of bed to check out the window usually wakes me during them.

  96. I’ll see right through it. Usually I’m waking up for another reason (cats, bathroom) and will hear the storm, but then I go back to sleep. Which isn’t too hard since the rain usually sounds like a white noise machine on our metal roof.

  97. It depends on the storm! If it’s just a lot of rain and wind I’ll usually sleep, but if there is thunder I won’t sleep


  98. With the warm weather starting in our region and a new house- the one thing missing is a storm door so we can let the sun in!

  99. I sleep like a total rock. One of my dogs used to stand on our chests and shake during storms but the thunder shirt cured him of this thankfully. Now he just does that when the baby babbles.

  100. The pups and I all despise storms. However if they start after I’m asleep, I’m pretty good until one of the dogs wakes me up. If they start before I fall asleep then I tend to get paranoid at every little noise (joys of having a sum pump that needs to be replaced and threatens to flood the basement) until it quiets down enough that I can knock out.

  101. I live a good thunderstorm- but not too heavy because the ditches will overflow. Most of the time I sleep like a rock but if there is heavy thunder and lightning, I may wake up once in awhile.

  102. Ugh I am a wreck – rain storms in general give me anxiety! As we gear up to redo our entire exterior a new storm door would definitely give me some piece of mind.

  103. I used to sleep like a baby during storms, but ever since our basement started flooding a bit, I have had a much harder time staying awake. Hopefully my wife and I will find time to have the basement waterproofed in the coming years!

  104. They keep me up. Boo :(
    *Just recently found your blog and am loving it! I too just bought a “fixer upper” and now have about 50 projects on my plate thanks to your ideas!

  105. I looooove sleeping when it’s storming! We’re in north AL and the weather has been amazing, so we’ve finally been able to open up the windows and enjoy the occasional rain.

  106. Rainy weather has already arrived in NW PA, and I prepared for it by buying new wellies, because… priorities! That being said, I nev r enter contest but am this time because my storm door sucks and I hate it, winning a new one would be amazeballs! Yeah!

  107. I am somewhere in the middle. I am embarrassingly less weather-aware than I should be, especially with 2 kids and a parcel of pets. I have frequently slept through tornado warning sirens. Which is weird, considering I am such a light sleeper that one of the cats snoring on the sofa will wake me.

    A new storm door would allow us to lighten up our windowless entry, and maybe even watch the storm!

  108. I love storms so I’ve always had no problem sleeping right through them. But I also had a golden who HATED them so sleep was usually interrupted!

    On a completely unrelated note I just wanted to say that I spent a lazy weekend reading through your blog (all of 2015 &2016, and I’m thinking of just starting at the beginning next!) And I just wanted to let y out know what a fan I am! I’m so impressed with all the projects you’ve managed to accomplish,mostly on your own, and the Ugg Duck has really turned into quite the beautiful swan! You’ve inspired me to start tackling all those little projects I’ve been putting off, so I can’t thank you enough! Looking forward to see all the new projects you have planned this year! ~Katie

    1. So glad to have you following along, Katie! I can’t tell you how AWESOME I think it is that you’ve decided to start on your own list. Happy DIYing!

  109. I usually sleep through them, If I’m not sleeping & it’s a really awesome storm, I can be found on the front porch videotaping them. It’s so wide open here I can get the action for miles.

    1. Congratulations, Pat!!!! You’re the winner of the giveaway! Please be on the lookout for an email from me to the giveaway folks to claim your prize!

  110. We have major water issues at our new house right now. So when it rains, we are usually up all night worried about water getting into the house and trying to pump out any water that is against the house. Fun times!

  111. I have a metal roof and we have finally cut down the one tree I worried would squish the house so I sleep great!

  112. I sleep like a rock…until MY whining and barking dog, Charlie, wakes me up! I would love to win this storm door since our former owners removed one off our front door, and we have not bothered to put one back on it!

  113. I sleep like a rock all the time, through anything. I also fall asleep very quickly. Must be I really need my rest :)

  114. I live in upper Michigan, and LOVE being snuggled in during snow storm. Those nights, I can sleep great. Rain storms, however, are a totally different thing. They keep me awake! :)

    Love your blog! It keeps me motivated to do projects in our new house. Thanks!!

  115. If thunderstorms are in the forecast I’m up watching the weather and don’t get much at all.

  116. I sleep well during a storm….but I would like to tell you that I was just thinking today that we NEED a new storm door! Ours is so etched from years of use!! Please pick me!! This could be the answer to a prayer!

  117. I have a metal roof, so I end up sleeping like a baby unless the storm is super loud. Then I wake up and worry about the animals or plants. sigh…

  118. GHeez…… Had a difficult time finding the comment area!!

    But I hate storms – too many lightning strikes on the family home when I was a kid!!

    I’d love to win a new storm door!

    1. You’re right, I should have paged the comments to make the comment area easier to find! I will figure out how to do that for the next giveaway (I honestly did NOT expect there to be such a turnout for this!). Thanks for entering!

  119. Storms usually wake me up, but then I can go back to sleep easily since I find the storm noise calming

  120. I sleep very well during storms, right up to the point that lightning strikes a tree a few houses away. I wake up for that (unwillingly).

  121. Up with every gust of wind, always hoping one of the old trees doesn’t come down on the house!

  122. I sleep like a rock through everything! I slept through a tornado TWICE! My sweet pup would love to gaze out the window of this door. He’s a yorkie, so he’s low to the ground and doesn’t get to see out of windows that often.

  123. I’ve been a reader of your blog for a while but I never comment, so I will comment to say that we need a new storm door! Annnd that I sleep like a rock when there’s a storm. Love them!

  124. I love sleeping in storms, usually it lulls me to sleep! My husband snoring keeps me up though!

  125. Me, my dog and husband all sleep like a rock in storms…unless they are the crazy tornados type! We will see if our baby girl shares that gene!

  126. I sleep through pretty much anything, with exception to my kids making the smallest sound ever!

  127. Cool giveaway and question; thanks for hosting it!

    I’ll sleep through storms like a rock, but if one of my girls call out, I’m awake. (Good news is that they sleep through storms. Bad news – regular nights aren’t always smooth with my baby girl. Can’t win them all.)

  128. We have an un-insulated roof above the bedroom. If the storm is loud enough, I have to sandwich my head between pillows to sleep.

  129. I sleep THE BEST during a thunderstorm. I also use that sound on my sound machine when nature is not cooperating ;)

  130. So I technically cheat and wear earplugs since we lived on a really busy street downtown and now I’ve totally convinced myself I need them to sleep… even when it’s super quiet… except the snoring of my dog, Mak. They don’t wake me up, but they certainly wake Mak up. :-)

  131. I sleep like a rock :) Actually, I really like storms because I normally sleep with a sound track (spotify “zen sleep”) and rain/storms are usually my fav sounds!

  132. I usually sleep well unless the tornado sirens go off….then of course I must go stand at the door and look out into the sky instead of taking cover.

  133. I love falling asleep to the sound of rain but those loud summer thunderstorms definitely keep me up!

  134. My husband… would’ve gone down with the titanic before he would’ve woke up.
    Me… wakes when my dogs yawns in the middle of the night. Guess who will be on baby duty?

  135. I sleep like a baby- my pitbull on the other hand needs her Thunder Jacket on for anything that causes noise… rain, wind, fireworks, sleeping with the windows open… and even then she manages to puppydog-eyes her way onto the bed between the boy and I…. #spoiled

  136. Sleeping during storms used to be one of my all-time favorite things… Then we bought a 100+ year old house that makes noises during storms that I just can’t get used to ????

  137. I LOVE sleeping during a thunderstorm. I have a metal roof and just love the sound. However, I don’t so much like the sound of the wind whipping through the gaps around my front door.

  138. I sleep like a rock. I sleep through smoke detectors, alarm clocks, my husband’s really loud snoring… I guess we’re a perfect match!

  139. Depends on the type of storm, if there is just rain and a little thunder I will sleep peacefully…..add in some lightning and I have to turn on all the lights and hide under the covers and block my ears.

  140. I try not to bark and whine too much, but storms inevitably wake me up. I like to watch them though, so it all works out!

  141. I used to get a good nights sleep during a storm, then I moved from a condo into a house. Now my dog (Carter) has decided at the age of 10 that he does not light lightening or thunderstorms (even though he didn’t care for the first 9 years). Now I am awake all night because I have a dog that sits at my head and pants for hours on end.

  142. Since we bought our house that is in need of a new roof, I tend to listen to the storm for a little while, before I snooze. Granted, once we cut down the old dead tree that was in front of our place, I found I slept like a baby through even the thunder!

    It’s weird, though, my husband’s snoring still keeps me up!

  143. I usually sleep like a rock during storms UNLESS its windy and my old house starts whistling… then the doggies start pacing and crying. I dont currently have a storm door but would LOVE to have one!

  144. I sleep like the dead but since my dogs whine like Charlie I am usually up when the thunder and lightening comes!

  145. Would LOVE a new screen door. i do all the DIY in my apartment with my Landlords blessing (and sometimes he helps).

    So this is on my list and have been waiting as they are not cheap.

    Happy St Patricks Day!

    1. and i LOVE a storm… sleeping thru it with my two cats buried under the covers (they are such babies!)

      or cozy with cup of tea and a good book or some knitting and BBC Radio comedy or drama.. or catch up of a tv show.

  146. During tornado season I am awake all night. We has a thunderstorm a couple weeks ago that I slept through- I didn’t realize it had stormed until I went outside the next morning.

  147. Hmm, thought I commented the other day, but don’t see it, so trying again. I promise I’m not trying to stack the deck in my favor!!

    I love watching thunderstorms late at night, although I’ve occasionally been known to sleep through them.

    1. There have been SO many comments that I had to turn them into a “paged” setup or else the post would take forever to load! That might be why you don’t see your comment, but I’ve marked your entry, so you’re good!

  148. I would loooove to have a storm door! I’ve been dreaming of one but it just hasn’t been in the budget.

  149. Just like me Sarah….a day late and a door short. I’ve been pretty busy with planning spring projects, building cedar raised garden beds so I can tailor the soil better and keep things contained as well, working on soil and fencing the area now before planting time, helping a buddy wire his garage, giving my son a hand fabricating a short shaft trolling motor mount on his Vibe ocean fishing kayak, clearing the Multi-flora that thrives along my rear property fence line and grows up trees and bushes eventually killing the tree as well as hanging over the fence making it a nuisance when mowing. This seems unreal, but, I had 5 very mature walnut trees in my back yard dropping zillions of walnuts and if you don’t pick them up right away they get mushy from moisture and the very acidic talon inside seeps out killing the grass under it. So..I’d get off 3rd shift @ 7:AM do my 40min. commute home, jump on my 275 GT-JD with trailer and 7-5gal. buckets and spend 2-1/2 hrs. picking up messy walnuts even before I could mow and trim. Very messy trees, total time consumer I could spend picking up sticks mowing & trimming. They are now gone to the Walnut Tree Buyer, but were an actual PITB in addition to ruining a custom made fitted boat cover. ( I call my back yard the back 40 and truly wish it was my 40 acres ) beyond my rear property fence. The land has so much history, runs along the Wapsi River, is a natural wildlife habitat ( many of your tree-rat friend’s cousins live there ~ like rabbits their all related ;) If I was a bit more computer literate I think it’d be fun to share knowledge doing a “Jack-of-all-trades DIY blog” I’m not quite sure who would get my projects done though, daylight savings-time really doesn’t help.
    Back to subject……the news paper/mulch for flower beds-walkways is an awesome diy idea. I have a good friend I worked with for years on 3rd who played for Iowa in the ’84 Rose Bowl while in college who with wife loves gardening, flowers,produce,herbs who took courses and became a Master Gardener ( back yard is like St. Louis, Mo. Botanical Gardens) who uses the repurposing news papers on walk-ways and such with good results.
    I usually sleep through storms unless Willie G. wakes me with his pacing or tongue to the face ;) Enjoy reading you, learning new things for around and in the home. For the time being my back door will remain storm door-less, not sure if I’ll put one on when I do the rear entry deck.
    disclosure; I don’t proof-read plz forgive for any grammatical errors
    constant growth….

  150. Doors are one of the most important fittings in your house! Look after them well and they’ll keep you warm and secure. Maintain them poorly and they’ll become a living nightmare!