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In most cases, I like demo.

But not when it’s my foot. Somehow, I managed to fall (halfway) down my stairs. Normally there are things stacked up on the bottom three steps for me to take up the stairs (but we all know I usually just walk right past ’em). I wish I could say that’s what caused my fall (actually, I wish I could say it was something more badass like dropping a hammer on my foot), but no – the steps were actually debris free for a change (that’s more fun to say out loud – try it). I can only blame my awkward, clumsy body falling for no reason at all. And the result is equally weird – I don’t remember connecting with anything, and I don’t see how I could have stubbed it this hard.

Taken a few days later.

Charlie witnessed the whole thing. Her response was to bark at me like I was a burglar. Sorry, Charlie – they’d probably be more stealth than that. It’s best for the both of us that you know this now.

And yes – that would be Scotch Blue on my toes. I improvised with the tape that had the least hobbling distance from where I fell. Funny enough, I don’t really use painter’s tape at all anymore, and when I do, I prefer Dos Equis Frogtape. So it shouldn’t have even been around. I suppose “holding broken appendages together” isn’t on the Scotch Blue website for uses of their product. But honestly, this purpose performed better than what the tape is actually made to do.

I’ll be hobbling around this weekend, but I also have school, so I’ll be stuck in a classroom for nine hours anyway. At least there’s a chair!

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  1. Ow!! Nice improv with the painters tape though LOL Im ALWAYS falling down ours too. Socks + hardwood stairs + the need to race the dog downstairs = Disaster :)

  2. I'm glad that you're feeling better! Keep the blue tape on for a laugh once in a while. And I couldn't agree more. The only tape we keep now is Frogtape. Tell Charlie to lick your toe – I'm sure dog saliva has healing powers. Or so Chase tells me ;)