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You may recall that over a year ago, I went into the middle of Atlanta to rescue a chair. I was under the assumption that with painting, planning, and designing my craft room desk, that this would be one of the first rooms done, and I would need a chair when it was all finished. I’d seen a ton of chair makeovers in blogland, so I was anxious to get my hands on a sleek chair that would work once it was redone.
And then I began working on the floors, and the plan went right out the window. Every other project snowballed from there, and the room went back to looking like a storage unit (or an organized, concentrated episode of Hoarders – and without the missing cats, of course). So I took more time, redesigned the craft desk, changed plans about the room’s purpose entirely, and perhaps most relevant (to this post at least), forgot about the chair. Who needs a great new chair when there’s no desk, right?
So in this storage room, the chair sat. Ignored other than as a resting spot for other things I hadn’t gotten around to yet. Someday, I thought to myself, I’ll stumble onto the perfect fabric for this chair, and that will be the end of it.  Lack of inspiration would be solved.
Well? That day came. Sometimes, like when I found my living room rug, the perfect thing just appears in front of you without you looking for them; sometimes you really do need to seek something out in order for it to work. There’s really no set method to it.
But when it came to painting the legs, I didn’t really want to go nuts with trying to pick the right color. I just wanted the project moving along (since I’ve already been taking this long to do it). Let’s see, around the house we have spray paint… and lots of containers of rejected test pots of paint.
After sanding and priming…

…I decided to just start painting on a random color from a test pot. I actually don’t even know what color it is anymore – just some random one with “TR” scribbled on the lid. True Religion? Total Recall? T-Rex? Tomb Raider? Who knows with color names these days.

No matter, there was enough paint in the container to get things covered. The other (re-?)rejected test pots were used as support for lifting the legs off the table. After a few coats (sanding in between for a smooth finish) of Toll Road Trucker Rattail Terrified Rabbit, the deed was done.

It looks white in the photo, but it’s almost white, which is even better (and much, much different than Off White, Dad!). All that’s next is covering the seat (see if you can spot it hiding in one of the pictures above) and putting it all back together. Huzzah!

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  1. I had to laugh at the almost white/ off white comment because my husband and I had a similar discussion about white and ivory a while back. I can't wait to see the chair completed!

  2. It's actually amazing how much area those little testers can cover. I manage an 10' accent wall for $4. Certainly worth the investment for a project at some point even if it's not the one you intended.

  3. Hi Sarah !
    I aw looking up ways to get paint off hinges and I tried your site. I love your site and your personality on living life. What you can do is way much more than being able to cook ! , I’m sure you are great at what you do. A real woman uses power tools ! I can make you laugh ! Ha ha ha !!! I love a woman who uses power tools. They turn me on !!! I don’t know what it is ! I hope your laughing and don’t think I’m some kind of Lunatic !!
    Another thing is I would never swear in the presence of a woman. Especially a chick with power tools ! Ha ha ha !

  4. The seats can be easily spotted in the first picture. And it’s an ideal way to use sample paint rejects. They actually act as a surprising element for the furniture, and also easy on pocket too. I used the rejected paint samples in my work place/ garage to add more color. Hope your work goes great, waiting for you to complete this task, as want to see what color you have used for covering the seat.