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On my way to work this morning, I noticed a perky little yellow flower poking through the grassy plants in the front garden (I use this term very loosely – I don’t imagine the old lady who sold me the house did much gardening). This area is close to where my first flower of spring bloomed.

Isn’t it cute? And it appears there are buds all over the garden area, so in a few days I think I’ll be seeing a beautiful flourish of color in the front yard.

Does anyone know what these are? So far, it appears the buds that are blooming are all yellow. If you know, please comment.

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  1. Oh, those are pretty! What a nice little surprise to find. All we inherited was weeds with a bit of grass. Sometimes the weeds bloom, though – do those count as flowers? :) I think those are…um… daffodils? I have no idea! We haven't ventured into the world of gardening yet (although I'm sure it'll happen sooner or later!).

  2. Thanks for posting Amy and Chelsea! All images I can see when googling “daffodil” have a trumpet-like shape in the middle that seems to be called a corona.  Click here to see a pic.  My flowers are the same color, but they don't have the extra trumpet shape in the middle. I appreciate the ideas though, I'm clueless when it comes to gardening!

  3. Hi, Sarah: I just found your blog today, and I'm really enjoying reading it from the beginning. Forgive me if I'm telling you something you know by now, but these are Daylilies (hemerocallis to be accurate), a perennial that thrives with very little care, which is probably why they survived the Old Lady. Now, back to your enjoyable blog….