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The desk is FINALLY ready for its first tryout in the study-o.

Did I go with Design #1? Nope. Design #2? Nuh-uh.

I went sleek and modern. You kinda already saw it already when I showed you build day #2, but let’s just pretend it’s for the first time since it’s finally in its new spot.

Ooh, ahh.  It’s sturdy, solid, and its imperfections are well-hidden (of course it’s not perfect; I’m just happy it’s not a complete wonky disaster). And the best part is that it’s ready just in time for school.

For today, I’m just going to enjoy its simplicity. On Monday, I’ll go over the build itself and why I chose this design in the first place (my time crunch was definitely a factor). Trust me, I know it looks like four posts and a table top, but it actually did require a little know-how to make sure it didn’t wobble or collapse (that table top is actually fairly heavy).

You may have also noticed that there is only one in the room so far. Gold star for you. The second is on its way, I just need to let the temps creep back up to a reasonable level so I can finish the paint job in the garage (it has less to do with the paint and more to do with the person painting it not wanting to freeze her ass off for no good reason).

I want to give it a name, but I’m not even sure it’s a he or a she yet. Part of me thinks it should be a he and that I should name it something that ends in -o (to go with the Study-O itself). Something that sounds smart. You know, to encourage all of the learning that’s supposed to be going on in this room (or something like that – ignore me, I’m trying to re-route brain cells to book learnin’). Got any suggestions?

PSST:  Don’t forget that the Porter-Cable giveaway is open until 8 PM tonight. Be sure to enter!

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