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I have almost everything I want to use in the dining room purchased already. Curtains, rugs, chairs, my table… I just have to put it together. In the end, the plan is to make it look a little something like this:

Curtains from West Elm. Chairs and rug from Ikea. Floor is the same throughout the downstairs. The light fixture in my dining room mood board is from West Elm as well, but it’s not quite screaming BUY ME just yet, so there’s a good chance that will change between now and the finishing touches on the room.

I’m also not sure about the art. I know I want big. I know I want bright (for balance with the rest of the darker tones in the room). I know I want it to be different than most art usually considered for a dining room. Like this:

…but I still haven’t narrowed it down yet. Maybe I’ll make some of my own with watercolors and just go nuts. Who knows.

First up, the to-do list:

  • Take down the rest of the wallpaper (this time it’s particularly stubborn)
  • Repair any wall damage from wallpaper removal
  • Do math (for wainscoting)
  • Mount all of the new molding
  • Paint the top half of the walls (I’m thinking a deep teal)
  • Paint the window sill and remaining molding
  • Lay down the new rug
  • Find wall art
  • Find and hang a new lighting fixture

As of this post, I’m already looking like a hot mess and have my playlist at full blast. This week is going to be awesome!

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  1. I enjoyed all the great yellow art you were pinning yesterday. Love navy and yellow together; can't wait to see the end product.

    Keeping a good thought about the wallpaper removal. Dante would renumber his levels if he'd ever done DIY!

  2. I can't wait to see it all done. Loving that color palette, those curtains are gorgeous. I also think a pop of yellow would be great in some wall art.

  3. I love the direction you're going with the art :) Im a sucker for “non-typical” pieces!