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I must learn to weld.  That’s the thought when I saw this entryway:

I have found an entryway that perfectly demonstrates what I want mine to look like. Only this one was created by Life begins at thirty, right? (love that blog name). The changes I’d make to turn this look into my own:  handmade art (something like one of these springs to mind), different rug, and a black newel post. That’s about it. It’s stunning, welcoming, inviting… lots of other -ings.

That console table is made from a welded frame and reclaimed wood from a salvage shop. It’s so perfect, I want to pet it. I’m giddy at the thought of having one of my very own. But first, I’m going to have to find a way to create those gorgeous table legs.


I love it when a random picture brings inspiration that leads me to finding out some new things about my own city. Thanks to this photograph, I began searching for welding classes (free, observation, or otherwise) and stumbled upon something that is even cooler:

Freeside Technology Spaces is (apparently) a non-profit community “makerspace” here in Atlanta. The members (and there only 35) consists of tinkerers, artists, engineers and – this is the best part – self-described “lunatics.”  And I’m guessing from the video walkthrough… mostly dudes (but that’s not going to stop me). It’s folks who like to work with their hands, getting together in a large warehouse space to share knowledge and conduct workshops. They teach each other things and have a massive collection of tools, a woodshop, a darkroom, etc.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not so excited about this that I’m not completely aware that going to a warehouse in the middle of a city where they advertise their very large arsenal of dangerous tools isn’t the likely plot of a horror movie starring Kristen Stewart or another equally talentless actress, but come on… this still sounds awesome. So in the next few weeks I’ll probably take a buddy and check it out and have the time of my life… or wind up as the subject of a Lifetime movie.

P.S. Saw the latest Die Hard movie last night. Loved it. Despite the obvious complete suspension of time, logic, and science, Bruce Willis is forever a badass. And in completely unrelated blogging news, tonight’s the night that I’ll be switching over the blog to WordPress, so it may be down for a couple of hours tonight, but should be back up by morning. Have a great weekend!


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  1. I love your whole plan. How awesome does that group sound. I will be excited to hear what kind of types you find there. I hope they are cool. You are right to bring a buddy at least the first time. That is just smart. But oh the possibilities if this turns out to be what it sounds like :) I love taking classes and trying new hobbies. I would be all over learning to weld. Good luck!!

  2. Love that huge scissors artwork! Can you recreate that too, please? :)

    PS. Yay for switching to WordPress! I hate how my name/pictureorlackthereof shows up on comments on blogger…Shallow, I know.

  3. I took a welding class at my community college ~~ not easy to do. But you could make it out of pipes I think. And I like the black newell post you have much better.

  4. That.place.sounds.awesome. I took a printing class at a warehouse in the West End a few years ago – I am totally picturing this place looking like that. Well, can't wait to hear all about it – assuming it doesn't go the way of the Lifetime movie :)

  5. OOh I'm so glad you like it! We are pretty lucky to have a welder in the family. Now I'm dreaming up other projects he can help with :-)

    We went with a white newel post because I was concerned about the fact the floor is brown and the rail/steps are black. I know they are different but I didn't like the idea of the black and the brown touching. Random. I think it would look good in black though!

  6. My husband belongs to our local maker group (ours is called the Hack Factory) and learned how to weld from the members. It’s such a neat organization. They have a few female members doing great DIY stuff from sewing to building furniture. It’s a pretty awesome group! Have fun!!!