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Howdy folks,

I’m going to do something really annoying… I’m going to beg ask for your help about something you may consider lame. But, please forgive me if you find this silly/irritating/bothersome… I’m doing my best supportive cheerleader here, so hopefully you can relate.

You may have noticed that the first link to the left of the page has changed. If you’re new to this blog, I guess I should explain. Scott is my extremely supportive boyfriend and DIY partner. He likes football – a lot. He’s got a fantasy football team, and you don’t really know it because he hasn’t posted anything yet on this blog to show you how hilarious he is,  and he’s funny. Really funny. As the “commissioner” for this fantasy football team, Scott writes weekly articles to discuss the previous week’s results, poke a little fun at the team members (mostly fraternity brothers from college days past), and crack jokes about high profile NFL players.

Apparently, his articles are funny enough that Scott is now a finalist in the Papa John’s Fantasy to Reality contest – the first finalist chosen, actually.

So, I’d like to ask for your help. Scott needs votes to win. Would you all do me a solid and click on the above link and vote for his team, Excessive Celebration? Even if only one of you does, it really helps! Voting can be once per day until December 12th.

Oh… almost forgot, the grand prize (duh, and the point of entering):  the winner and a friend – the guy who nominated the league – will fly next spring to New York for the 2011 NFL Draft! Dream come true for a football fanatic like him. So, here it goes:

Pretty, pretty, sugary please?

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  1. I was gonna, but the danged corporate firewall said no! I'll try to remember to hit it from home!

  2. Thank you! I think the steps are (on the FB) to 'like' Papa Johns, then vote for the first option – Brent Johnson (the guy who nominated the team), Excessive Celebration.

    Thanks SO much for voting!