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I’m not much of a voluntary quiz taker. I avoid those weird and pointless quizzes on Facebook (I think the last one I saw was “What Spongebob SquarePants Character Are You?” – seriously?! I think I’m less surprised this quiz exists and more ashamed that I am Facebook friends with someone who is my age and felt the need to take it) and seldom indulge in “quick” surveys that take a lot more of my time than I ever intended on giving them (I never believe the time estimates they give – it’s always at least twice as long).

But I accidentally clicked on decided to take one from BHG.com recently entitled “What Is Your Color Personality?”. It must have only had six questions on it (and I’m only guessing since I won’t take the quiz twice just to count the number), so it was quick and fun.

And my results? Apparently my color personality is True Blue:

Fun-loving? Loyal? You betcha. “Peaceful” is probably not how I’d describe myself, but I can’t deny that I do try to put things in my home that meet that description. My personality may tend to be more high stress, so maybe that’s why I am drawn to a soothing and calm color palette (gray, pale blue, and more gray). At any rate, I think this quiz did a pretty accurate job of nailing my color personality, even if it missed the mark a little on my actual one. Try it for yourself if you have 30 seconds to spare (and curiosity that lasts about that long). What was your result?

Disclaimer:  I was not paid to endorse this quiz. Just something fun to do, ya know?

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  1. Fun! And I agree! I am way too organized, sometimes. I LURVE green.

    Earthy Green
    Methodical in nature, you like to have all the facts before taking action: Life should be about balance. Green is a reassuring color with connections to nature, growth, and sustainability.

  2. I got “earthy green” too… not what I expected! I really love blue, but the description fits me pretty well I guess!