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I just got the word (today! Hooray!) that I have been accepted hook, line, and sinker into my chosen graduate school program. I’m going to be getting my MBA in the spring, starting just a few short months from now!

And my house still looks like this (kidding, that’s the inside of the antiques shop we hit up last weekend – but it’s not too far of a stretch from what’s going on in the Ugg-duck, either). What that means is that with my full-time job and then part-time school schedule, I’ll have even less time to dedicate to DIY.

I am nothing if not ambitious.

You’d think that would mean that I’d have to accept that I simply can’t do all the things I was hoping to do with this place, but then you’d hear me disagree with you. Instead, I’m looking at this as a full-on call to arms. Well, at least the biceps in the arms.

I’m taking my start date for school as a deadline challenge. Before school begins, that means I’ll have to get my biggest issues with the current state of the house addressed:

  • Caulk and paint the exterior windows the Rustic Cream color as I did with the front stoop. If not the entire house, at least the entire front of the house and the parts along the lower level that I can easily reach with a short (and non-death-defying) ladder.
  • Sand, prime and paint the kitchen cabinets to brighten things up.
  • Install new floor tile, vanity (already purchased), and toilet into both upstairs bathrooms to get them fully functional again. Hopefully once I find the tile, this project will take no more than a weekend for each bathroom.

The third item is especially important since I am really going to need a clean bathroom to feel human. It won’t be easy to get these things done in three months, but I’m going to give it every effort I’ve got. Wish me luck – I’m going to need it!

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