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I don’t think my sense of humor has ever matured past age twelve. As evidenced by an entire weekend making ‘caulk’ jokes around the house. And this picture I took of Charlie. I told her she was “such a bum.”

Har har. What this means (aside from losing my mind) is I’m hard at work on interior and exterior projects using said goo, but both are somewhat boring until I can actually start slapping paint over the caulked areas. So instead, I’ll show you another funny picture I took recently of Mom – my parents, sister and I went bowling for Father’s Day:

We all had a good time.

In other news, I have this week off of school due to the July 4th holiday. I am very glad to have a break, since this is how I spent my Friday evening when I should have been at the Braves game watching Atlanta retire Chipper Jones’ jersey. Sniff.

photo (3)

That’s campus. We had another lengthy presentation due Saturday morning, so we spent Friday cooped up in one of the study rooms to get things hashed out. When we left, I snapped this pic. Bright side:  the sunset was incredibly beautiful, and the breeze reminded me that summer is still here, even if I don’t get to enjoy it as much. Also, I no longer feel that afraid when speaking to people in public. It’s something I’ve had a lot of anxiety about for a long time, so I’m glad that grad school has given me some new confidence.

But then again, there are missed baseball games.

So, if you only had one full weekend of summer, what would you do? How would you suggest I spend it?

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  1. So is that my husband’s excuse–humor never exceeded the age of 12? Or is it that he is a (44 yr. old) man??? I can’t suggest what to do for the weekend. OK–Make some plans but have some down time. Even if you are working on house stuff your mind can rest–or can it? Painting should be safe enough, right? Oh! Do an art project–perfect for the downtime! You said you had some in the works–the stone one you mentioned….

    1. Yes! I’m actually hoping I can get a second coat on the wall and hang the art for posts later this week. Crossed fingers.

  2. Well Sarah, when someone such as yourself has so much going on I suggest getting away from it all and heading to the great outdoors to camp or something of that nature. Get yourself away from the norm and before your right back in it. Hope you have fun

  3. Haha I couldn’t find caulk in the store once and spent so long looking for it so that I wouldn’t have to utter the sentence “where do you keep your caulk” to the male employee who was working in that section of the store. My husband insists that the two words sound completely different and I’m just saying it wrong but I can’t hear any difference when he says it.

    1. Last fall, when I filmed the Oreck commercial, the host kept having me repeat myself. “Your bathroom needs more WHAT?!” and I just giggled. I don’t mean to pronounce it that way, and I try to be more thoughtful with emphasizing the ‘L’, but if I’m talking fast, I sound dirty. And then I crack myself up. At least I’m not alone!

  4. I feel like I am required to wink at my hubby whenever I ask him to toss me some caulk. I’m giggling just writing it. Whoever named it must be laughing at his never ending joke. :) It’s stupidly hot out, so I vote for white water rafting or kayaking. Might as well make the heat fun!