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Hey there! Back from all of the Christmas dizziness and a minimum number of naps to keep me sane. Charlie got plenty of rest too, but it wasn’t until she’d completely worn out her cousins and stolen all of their toys and eaten ham from the table and pestered every family member for hugs and kisses before she finally went down HARD once all of the gifts were open.

Charlie and her cousins

Like many single women who don’t have children, my family pretty much treats Charlie and my sister’s two dogs, Lemon and Lana, as though they are fur-babies. They get gifts from my parents, they “give” gifts to each other, and they are referred to as being cousins or having an “Aunt Sarah” or “Aunt Emily.” There are plenty of people who absolutely hate the behavior of treating dogs like children, but it’s always been the norm in our family, so I just let it happen. My sister takes it a step further than I do though because her dogs have succumbed to her stubbornness to dress them up in costume whenever the mood strikes (they get a shitload of treats out of the matter, so I don’t think I’d complain that much if I were in their shoes Santa hats, either).

to charlie from lemon and lana

I also spent some time with friends doing Christmas-y things like making gingerbread cookies, but the funniest part of this holiday has definitely been the weather… 78 degrees! And grilling?!?!

gingerbread cookies

It was so hot while baking that we kept the doors and windows open, too wet from rain to spend time doing much of anything outside (except take advantage of rainy day $1 beer specials). And cars kept driving around the city missing an antler… presumably because they’d forgotten they put antlers on their car and rolled the window down.

car antlers
image source

Overall, our Christmas was pretty mellow. It’s been bittersweet without Granny, but we all still enjoyed our traditions and everyone got some great gifts.

Charlie and I Christmas 2015

I didn’t get a lot of tools this year or hug any of them like ponies as I usually do, but I did get an awesomely nerdy ornament for the tree next year:

doctor who ornament

…and some outdoor LED lights I’ve been wanting to put in the back yard for ages (which means more outdoor projects next year to give me a reason to string them up!).

outdoor led edison bulb string lights

I also got a great lighting kit to help with my interior pictures when the windows prove to be difficult to work around, such as in my kitchen and laundry room. Speaking of…

sink closeup

I’ve already been taking a few pics as my Christmas décor comes down (though I still need time to learn how to use the new lighting kit). I love how much more polished it looks with the DIY Roman shade I made for the window this month! You can grab a few more photos on my Kitchen House Tour page (the House Tour itself is getting LOTS of updates this coming month!).

window casing

There are a lot of other cleanup projects going on, such as taking down the Christmas décor and making room for all of the window casing that will be going up in the living room in the next couple of weeks. I’ll have more for you soon in terms of recapping this year’s successes and what projects to look forward to next year, including a few more posts in the works:

  • Some of my favorite post-Christmas deals I picked up this year
  • How I’ve saved almost $900 in furnace repairs this winter
  • How to “comb” rugs and carpets (if you have pets that shed like Charlie does, you’ll want to read this!)
  • Primary bathroom updates since the last installment
  • & more personal updates as well

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday. I can’t wait for 2016!

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  1. I knew I liked you, but knowing you are a Dr Who fan makes it even better! Looking forward to following you into 2016.

        1. Very clever, love it (and sweet). Capaldi, like any new doctor, took some getting used to. But he’s just such a kook that I really enjoy how he insults his companions and other people. I haven’t watched enough of the latest season because Clara kind of annoyed me. But I know I’ll be back to watching it again soon enough!

  2. I like the idea of knowing how to “comb” rugs and carpets because I have 2 furry dogs at home and need to get rid of it on my carpet. Looking forward to your upcoming posts, Sarah. I just love Charlie!

  3. I have 3 “children” all grown, one married, two involved. We also have 2 rescued pit bulls, and 2 rescued cats. I had portraits done of the dogs (my “children” gave me a hard time about it). All our “children” got Christmas presents and my two legged “children” gave presents to our four legged “children” which made this mother very, very happy. Have a healthy and happy New Year.

  4. Gotta love Christmas and the holidays! Love your dogs! I have two of my own and they go nuts on Christmas with all the decorations and the lights! Cheers