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While I was making the DIY Jewelry Organizer last week, one of the brass rods I ordered for making the necklace and bracelet “hooks” arrived tarnished. I had a limited number of the same size and was pressed for time, so I had to figure out a quick way to clean the brass without creating an entirely new project. I found this little hack that I just had to pass on!

How to use Ketchup to Clean Brass

I found that if I grabbed the ol‘ ketchup bottle out of the fridge and a paper towel, I could easily clean the brass rods in a matter of seconds.

heinz ketchup
  1. Squirt ketchup on the brass and wait a few seconds.
  2. Rub with a paper towel to polish.
  3. Rinse in a little warm water, pat dry, and done!

Convenient, considering that I didn’t need any special cleaners and had what I needed waiting in the kitchen. So just like that, I was able to keep right on with my project and get it finished in time to share with the blog hop. Deadlines are pretty crucial sometimes, so this was a nifty little trick that I simply had to share. I’ve heard vinegar also works, and the acid helps to clean a number of other things (like copper too, so I’m going to try that on my Moscow Mule mugs!).


What’s the weirdest/niftiest cleaning hack you’ve found lately?

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