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So, last week, when I realized I needed to find a trash can for the laundry room, I shopped the house and found something I already had that might be perfect. It may need a little bit of a makeover (which I’m already working on and hope to have to show soon), but it’s functional, which lets me turn my attention elsewhere. Get a Kitchen Island Feel…..

kitchen island feel for install

Kitchen Island Feel

I shopped the house again. I was oiling my walnut butcher block counters the other night and got to thinking about my kitchen island. I have been wondering for years if putting an island in the middle of the room will be the right choice, and I know the first thing will be figuring out if one will fit. I’ll need a comfortable amount of room to walk and cook from all sides without feeling cramped. When shopping for an island, the most common suggestion to help visualize the size you’ll need is to tape things out on the floor. I grabbed a roll from a nearby table to start marking, and then it hit me:  why not move the table itself into the center of the room as a test drive? I bought it ages ago from Pier One on clearance and have always intended to keep it along the far kitchen wall as a casual eating table with stools. But the size and height are perfect to get a feeling of what an island will feel like. So, I climbed under the table, hoisted the table on my back, and did some sort of awkward turtle walk to the center of the room to drop it off in its new temporary home.
kitchen island feel

Kitchen Island Feel – Move and Clean

Even if it was covered in dust from being the tool dumping ground for the last six months, it looked pretty good. It helps if your cleaning products weren’t comically placed out of your reach by your uncle. Clearly, it took something as difficult as moving furniture for me to feel motivated to clean up a little. A tiny, little bit.

Kitchen Island Feel – I want industrial for sure…

It’s definitely not what I have in mind permanently (I’m thinking something with more of an industrial feel), but the open front and shelved side will help me figure out if I like the change without making any large purchases.

Kitchen Island Feel – Cabinets and Backsplash next…

And next… finishing the cabinets! So tired of this project (and yet, waning on my motivation to finish it). Maybe the delivery of a few backsplash tile samples will motivate me to get it done. I’ll be sharing those soon.

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  1. Wow! It looks like it was meant to be there. The wood top seems to match your butcher block counter, too. I say, if it’s the right size, keep it. Happy New Year!

  2. It looks like a nice fit and will work great for some time! Curious when you will post “the address”–I have a little something I need to mail to a hard working, MBA graduate. :)

    1. Working on it! I’ve signed up for a new PO Box (in my years of blogging, I never had to do it until now), but it is going to take a little bit to run to the Post Office before it closes and pick up my key. Just holiday conflicts, I guess. But it’s coming!

  3. We have a feeling you’ll be using that island space a lot, it works nicely in the space. Good luck with the cabinets and backsplash, we’ll be staying tuned…

  4. I think there is plenty of space in the kitchen for an island and the one you have is the perfect size. I would not go any bigger. Happy NYE.

  5. Brilliant! If our kitchen was just 2 feet wider I think we could get away with something like that. Hope it works out! The rest of the kitchen is looking amazing :)

  6. I really like that table there. Just a thought. Why not keep the table and cover the top with aluminum or steel sheeting? It would have the industrial vibe you are looking for as well as so storage. (I think that is a little cupboard on the end.) You could also put metal piping legs on it. It may be cheaper and look cooler and be a great DIY that the rest of us could copy. LOL.
    Sheila F.

    PS. I have really enjoyed reading your blog. Congrats on the MBA! Happy New Year!

    1. Thank you! And yes, there’s a cubby on the end. I took a photo of that side and it didn’t turn out well (just not enough lighting at night to get it bright enough). I’m considering keeping it there, but it may be just a smidge too wide for me to feel comfortable moving around after having such an open kitchen area for so long. We’ll see!

  7. Looks great!

    Just a heads up to make sure you can easily open and use all the appliances around the island. A friend added one to her kitchen and had problems with the oven door opening. Or not as the case turned out!

    1. Good thinking! I’ll be sure to try that out for the “real” island when it comes to installing it (luckily the table can easily be moved).

  8. WOW that looks fabulous there… what if you add some shelves and maybe close off the other with just an end board … however it looks nice but if you want to store pots and things and not have to worry about how nice they all look …. you could put that end board.

    it actually looks as if it were meant to be.

    now about that empty wall….

  9. Happy New Year!

    Putting the table there was a good idea to get a feel for the flow. It looks like it might be a little tight though. Perhaps one on wheels so you can move it around will give you more flexibility.

    Will 2014 be the year of the kitchen?

    1. Here’s hoping! Yeah, I think the table might be a smidge too wide as well, but it’s already proving to be a handy spot to have another surface. At least it’s helping me decide!

  10. That’s a good solution. I’ve been redoing my kitchen too and I have a space where a base cabinet used to be but is now in a new location. I have the microwave on a table there, but it’s just temporary. I, too, need to get painting on my cabinets and board and batten and ceiling and crown molding. Ugh…so much painting to do!

  11. table great idea. I find that cardboard boxes are sometimes very helpful when visualizing, esp. on a kitchen redo. cheers. ~jb