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Plenty of bloggers might mention something called “shopping the house” – where you simply try to meet the demands of a new project by combing through the piles of crap you already own.

I’m betting no one was thinking about this when that concept was created.

Because of installing the tile and getting new appliances delivered for the laundry room, there was a higher than usual mound of dirty laundry in the last few weeks. I’ve slowly been making headway, but that also means an increase in lint and other bits of trash accumulating in the laundry room (Charlie likes to sneak broken bits of her chew toys into my laundry pile. In her defense, as far as hiding evidence goes, it was totally working until the washer delivery).

So, in lieu of throwing trash directly onto my new floor, I shopped the house for a suitable trash can.

Boom. Only it was strangely storing some old Halloween gear at the bottom. So I tried the wig on for laughs.

And then I put it in the little nook in the laundry room. I’d prefer something darker, but the height and slender shape are pretty perfect for a small room. I may eventually spray paint it for a bright pop of color or add a stripe, but it’s functional, which is perfectly good for now. I’ve got a kitchen to finish :)

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  1. I know some people want to make each room of the house seem finished and decorated to the 9’s but I think the laundry room is fine for the random look of light trash can. I think that kitchen you’ve been working on is more important to finish.