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Between a new work schedule, the winter months creeping in (no more daylight when I leave for the office), and a recent wedding (the eighth wedding we’ve attended in the last three years! – that’s a whole lotta love), we aren’t completely done with the kitchen floors as originally intended. But, a promise is a promise, so here is the good to go with the bad and the ugly:

What do you think? It’s pretty much becoming more of the same since the living and dining room reveal, but I’m still giddy when I look at them. If you had to avert your eyes from the linoleum floor while cooking to avoid losing your appetite, you’d be giddy too.

I’m only showing you half of the room in this photo since the other side is still a little scary.

Disorganized chaos is a small price to pay as long as it’s temporary. At least I have a path to the laundry room now.

Good thing, too… we’ve increased our gym attendance since the Germany vacation, which means more stinky clothes need to be washed (yay for healthy bodies… ew for making me wash the nasty aftermath).

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  1. The floors look great! I'm with you on the gym thing… I like to exercise but I hate having additional laundry – and the fact that you can't pull something out of the laundry to re-wear if it happened to be sitting just under your gym shorts! =)

  2. Love the floors! They're gorgeous! Really enjoying watching your renovation. Your house is really coming along! You must be thrilled.

  3. Nice! I'm glad you are almost done…we are too. I'm with you on the weddings. We have been to 7 just this year and our 8th on Saturday. I've been in about 10 in the last 4 years. Its crazy!