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This weekend, I have a few items to cross off the to-do list. First, I’ll finally be picking up the bathroom tile.

I also have a small brown shelf that I snagged from a thrift store years ago. Since it’s already painted, I’m hoping I can do a quick sand prep, prime, and paint job to match it to the new study-o desk. Just as soon as I dig my way into the organized (but dense) clutter. It’s like a game of Tetris, only the risk of doing it wrong is breaking a lamp shade.

Finally, I’m going to address a few odds and ends in the upstairs hallway. Yes, it involves caulk. And probably a rug pad since Charlie is not a big fan of the way dog weight + momentum = unintentional slip n’ slide.

If I’m lucky, I may even get started on another item for organizing the study-o. I spotted a really awesome inspiration pic the other day thanks to a tweet from BobVila.com. I am in pure envy of the amount of cool drifting out of this room.


Small goals are still goals – and they all get me steps closer to a completed room. Er, hallway? Sigh, at least it’s the weekend. Happy Friday!

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  1. Hi! I stumbled on your blog this week, and I love it! I'm a DIY-er Too, obsessed with fixing my little house built in the 20s. It's nice to read your blog, I can relate so much with it!

  2. What do you use for rug pads? I have hardwood floors in my fixer upper and the rugs I have tend to slide around quite a bit. Some of the pads at stores seem very expensive.

    Any cheap solutions w/o damaging the hw flooring?

  3. @Rich The cheapest I've found are usually at IKEA (called STOPP). I used it in my living room and it works great! I usually buy the bigger ones (there are two sizes) and cut it to size.