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Want to know something? Getting stuff done feels goooooood. The dining room walls look like crapola at the moment. You know what they don’t look like, though? Wallpaper. All of that is gonzo. There are a few bits still clinging to a few corners, but I’m hoping by Sunday’s end, I have my first skim coat up.

This month has already been one of my most productive months of the year in terms of tackling things. Or rather, half-tackling them. I’ve still got to work on this whole multi-project problem of mine. But I’ve decided to rename the month “DIYcember” since I’m focusing more on home projects than holiday ones.

I’m also well on my way to the long-term garage organization project thanks to building a new workbench and adding new storage (both the tall cabinet and lawn care caddy).

I sometimes get home from work and jump into the garage before I change out of my heels. Just how I roll.

I’m also sleeping better thanks to new, cushy bedding. And the room just feels more cozy now that it has a ridiculous amount of pillows to cover the bed. Which are of course promptly thrown off as soon as I climb in. Charlie has been ousted from her normal spot and is still getting used to it, but dirty dogs and white bedding simply don’t mix. Sorry girl – you’re going to have to enjoy that hole you ate from your bed for a little while longer.

And thanks to the new bathroom, I can now brush my teeth, shower and pee in the same room. Which seems wrong if you’re writing a sentence about it, but that’s what happens in normal bathrooms. And I’m totally in love with walking up my staircase to see that shower curtain. There’s a calm that washes over me, like “I’ve finally finished something!”  But then I realize that the only reason I can see the shower curtain in the bathroom is because I still haven’t put the door back on its hinges, and I feel silly.

So, I guess what’s going on this weekend will be:

  • finish the bathroom trim so I can put the door back up
  • skim coat the dining room walls
  • draw boxes all over the lower half of the dining room walls for the wainscoting
  • finish the workbench (need to purchase the top and attach it to the base)
  • finish Christmas shopping for the family
  • possibly bake my favorite Christmas cookies (special request on my Facebook page has asked that I share the recipe; while I’ve never had a blog post about food ever, I may make an exception for these)

What are you looking to tackle this weekend? Be sure to follow me along on Instagram under the hashtag #DIYcember for updates and sneak peeks!

Psst:  For a brief period yesterday morning, Home Depot’s website had a glitch where everything ordered received an automatic $101 discount – including things that were under $101, making some orders completely free of charge. I heard on the radio this morning that for those that were lucky enough to experience this, they are honoring the transactions. I think stuff like that is awesome and worth sharing. And now I really wish I’d gone online shopping for a few tools on my morning coffee break!


Psst:  Want more? I love to post sneak peeks on Facebook and Instagram. You can also find me on Hometalk and Twitter at uglyducklingDIY.

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  1. I'm right there with you on this month being productive. This weekend is: door for the pantry, workbench for the kids and possibly tackling a kitchen renovation too. Okay fine, it's a kid's play kitchen, but it needs renovating.

  2. I have those heels! Old Navy??
    And that drill. Heart it.
    And do the same exact thing. We're secretly besties.

    1. Yes, Old Navy! I'm really digging my drill too. LOL, I've got a bestie and didn't even know it.

  3. I do the same thing – sometimes I don't want to get distracted, then get lazy, so I just start working away in my work clothes. (those heels are super cute, by the way!)
    As for the whole multi-project problem? I've got it too. I call it P.A.D.D. (project a.d.d.). It can be good, but bad at times. ha
    Keep up the great work!!! :)

  4. I literally laughed out loud when I read the line about the bathroom door not being present. Not that I have any experience with that myself or anything…