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Last night, I spent the better part of the evening… painting.

Are you surprised? I know, pick your jaws up from the floor. Total shocker that I’d have a paint brush in my hand.

I have no shame in my painting clothes. Or I suppose I should say the clothes I choose to paint in, which is a wide expanse of my wardrobe. I took down some of my blinds last night to prep for adding casing to the windows (I mentioned it yesterday – post next week for all of that!) and managed to get pollen all over the black dress I was wearing (it’s the window right next to the front door and apparently not able to escape the yellow dusting outside). That’ll show me for doing DIY projects in my work clothes… and leaving a window open in the spring. I literally walked through the front door of the house, put the dog outside, and grabbed a paint brush. I didn’t even change shoes. Which was kind of awkward on a ladder. Probably won’t be doing that again.

I’ve got a full DIYers weekend ahead of me and a short break to celebrate my sister’s birthday, so hopefully tomorrow night I’ll be enjoying a few delicious brats on the grill and scrubbing paint off my knuckles. Hey, for me, obvious paint marks all over my hands isn’t a sign of being a slob; it’s a sign of progress.

And in an update to yesterday’s post – I decided to quit my whining and just book myself a damn vacation already. I had a little help, and THANK YOU to those that offered some destination options. I wasn’t expecting I’d find anything in my price range – but I’m so very, very glad that I did. I’ll share all about my trip when I actually get to take it next month. I’m crediting the excitement over my little weekend getaway for the renewed energy to get things done around the house this weekend.

And in completely unrelated news, I’ve picked (well, random.org did) the winners from last week’s giveaway. Congrats! Hope you all have a great weekend!

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  1. On a Ladder in Heels sounds like a great blog name! Unfortunately I’m not on a ladder too much, nor do I wear heels very often, but still.

  2. Am I blind? I don’t see the winners for the giveaway listed anywhere!

    Also we are heading to the beach in about two weeks so I feel your excitement! There is something magically relaxing about the beach =)

    1. No, that’s my fault. I replied to each winner in the comments with a “hey, congrats, you won!” comment. I forgot to update the post with their names too. So sorry for the confusion!