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So as it turned out, I didn’t wind up cutting myself after all when I changed out the jigsaw blade.

The next day, I actually used the jigsaw. That’s when I cut myself.

It was no big deal though. And it’s for a good cause. Charlie is making a mess, and it’s time to remedy that. (Actually, the corner is an issue from several months ago and a behavior that’s already been fixed. The overturned food bowl, however, happens every. single. day.)

One problem at a time though. I’m trying out a few things and will have more updates on Charlie’s new dog stand next week. More to come!

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  1. Have you ever considered feeding him a set amount of food twice a day instead? He wouldn't have anything to tip over then and it's supposed to be the best way to feed them. You'll want to get better food though too (this did wonders for our dog and our foster dog!). Check out dogfoodanalysis.com and feed a food that is a 4-6 star. It will cost more per bag but you'll use much less so it will actually be cheaper overall. Plus much less poo to pick up, less shedding (softer, shinier coat too), and a healthier dog overall. Our dog went from needing a vet visit every month for um..cough..anal gland squeezing to never needing to go anymore. Saved us $15 a month and a lot of time.

  2. You always post great projects that you are working on, but don't seem to post when you finish it. I really like your ideas and love that you take so much on yourself. Did you finish the painted stairs or the study-o? I would love to see it and hear what you think about the end result. Keep up the great blog.

  3. @threeacres. Charlie's food is recommended by her vet and she seems to like it, so I am reluctant to change her food (many others have high sodium or filler contents). She's never had a gland problem and I suppose until now I didn't realize how grateful I should be about it :). Glad your pup is feeling better!

    You have it backwards – With a schedule as full as mine, the rare part is, unfortunately, finishing the project! I take lots of baby steps and maybe post a little too much while I'm in progress. But I'm so thrilled when I get something actually finished that as soon as I have an opportunity to show it off, I definitely will! Just have patience with me :). I'm trying.

  4. I wish I lived by you. I want to come over and help you out. Weird, since I have a whole bunch of things to do in my own home and for some reason doing them doesn't appeal to me at all. Why is that? Anyways, keep up the good work. I am especially curious about your stairs ( I have yucko carpet on mine and want to do something non carpet and non expensive to mine.) I was very excited to see photos of your puppy on your stairs in todays post. Puppy=cute, stairs=looking good. You inspire me.