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The grout is in!

Grout is one of the easier steps of laying tile. After smushing (technical term) the grout in between the tile, it’s important to wipe everything down with a damp (but not wet) sponge. After a first pass, rinse the sponge so it stays clean and then wait about an hour for a second wipedown. The haze that forms can be buffed off with a dry towel.
For anyone wanting a more detailed tutorial, I’m writing one up to share when I work on the primary bath (which will start immediately after finishing this guest bath).
These grout lines were only 1/16th of an inch, so I used unsanded gray grout. Using gray instead of white lets the grout lines disappear as much as possible. Am I happy with it?

FRICK yes, I am. But the bathroom is far from finished. A majority of the to-do list is still yet to be done:
  • rip out the old flooring, vanity, and toilet
  • install cement board
  • lay down tile
  • grout the tile
  • apply a patch to the gaping hole near the vanity plumbing
  • finish patching and sanding the walls
  • pick a paint color
  • prime and paint the walls
  • apply insulating foam to a large gap in the floor (once again, a big thank-you to the builders who constructed this home)
  • reinstall the baseboards and put in new shoe molding
  • install a new toilet
  • install the vanity
  • install a new faucet
  • hook up the plumbing
  • recaulk the shower
  • add finishing decorative touches and artwork
I have the shower curtain, 3D art, and a paint deck to choose the paint color for the room. I may have a lot more to do, but I think one of the biggest obstacles is now out of the way!
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