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Just before leaving for the beach, I spent several hours adding to the bruises on my knees from Warrior Dash (which is a really great look in a bathing suit, by the way). Apparently, moving a mattress onto a bed frame is going on the list of stuff I can’t do without falling over at 5’2″.

The guest bed is still an unstained finish, but for the Ugg-Duck, this is a huge step toward normalcy. I am not sure if I’ll wind up cutting my losses and just spray painting the frame, but even getting it assembled was a bit of a pain (Ikea, I love you to pieces, but if I find another warped board in a kit like this, you and I are going to have a serious talk).

The entire frame came together pretty easy (months ago) until I needed to add the central support for the slats under the mattress. Once I realized the wood was too warped to use, I had to grab a new board from the hardware store, and then felt like an idiot when I realized I was still trying to put wood in my car through the window like I didn’t just buy an SUV. Back hatch, Sarah. Back hatch.

But eventually, the frame came together, the slats went down, and I spent a good twenty minutes nearly falling around in my guest room like I was Dick Van Dyke on the Mary Poppins set (but without the obvious LSD hallucinations). Mattresses are just too cumbersome for my low center of gravity.

Then came the sheets, a new duvet cover (from Urban Outfitters – no longer sold), and the remaining pillows I’d picked up on clearance from World Market (the spotted ones are from Ikea). I plan to change them out when I find the right fabric to make covers.

You may also have noticed that I’m not showing you any wide shots of the room. And that’s because a bed is all I’ve got; the rest of the room is crammed full of stuff from the study-o that is still awaiting a proper storage solution. But if a guest is willing to brave it, they at least have a comfy bed to sleep on!

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  1. Literally fell over laughing when I read your line about warped IKEA boards. This has happened to me more times than I care to count. However, IKEA still has a place in my heart. I hear rumors that if a person and their significant other can assemble a piece of IKEA furniture together and they still love each other at the end then their relationship will last forever because building IKEA furniture is THE most stressful thing in life!

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  3. That's smart way to design your bed. It's very impressive. I love this article, thanks for sharing!