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A few months ago, I shared a fun makeover Dad and I did to his dining room. The whole idea was that the ugly paneling needed to go, but because it would be far more work to take it down and put drywall up, we instead drywalled over it. And then, we added some shaker-style wainscoting to the bottom half of the wall (something Mom has been wanting for about 16 years!).

We were no pros at this task, but I’m still pretty proud of our work. It took a lot of elbow grease, but once all of the tedious sanding and priming was finished, I partnered up with Olympic to try out their Olympic One paint and see if it was #uptothetest. It took two good coats everywhere to ensure the best coverage, and a third on the molding, but ultimately, we came through with our finished result:

They have since asked me to provide a quick update on how the whole project is holding up, and well? At first, I thought: um… it’s paint. Once the stuff is on your wall, as long as it doesn’t peel back off, you’re pretty much set. But then, I got to thinking.

Other than the color, paint isn’t really something that gets talked about much (ok, perhaps on this blog, it’s a slightly different story) because it’s not really supposed to be the difficult part. It sets the stage for all of the other major players in a room, like furniture, art, and other decor. And yet, you will hear a huge variety of opinions on which paint to buy, since some will insist that the more expensive stuff is the only way to go.

But honestly, I’m pretty pleased with the result. And my parents are too – they liked the color so much, they bought more of the same paint and moved their makeover into the living room.

The color is called Misty Lake, which sort of implies a bluish color to me, but it’s actually more of a gray-green. And in the late afternoon light, it starts to shift a little with just a hint of blue. My mom is a huge fan of warm wood, especially cherry, so the warmer tones really stand out against this cooler backdrop.

You might also remember that I was doing this paint project along with several others who were testing out Olympic One, and they are posting some updates for their own rooms as well. Check out Jacque and Matt, Joey and Lana, and Dria for more!

Big thanks to Olympic paint for sponsoring this post. While this may have been done in partnership with Olympic and Good Housekeeping, all opinions expressed here are, as always, 100% my own.

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  1. The dining room just came out so lovely! I really love seeing your before and after photos. You say you are far from pro but damn if you don’t do a good job!

  2. Looks great, nice colour choice and set out for all the frames, you have more patience than me :)