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Ok, so I’m not taking a break from blogging this week as much as I originally thought on Monday. It turns out that once I start blogging, I’m constantly thinking of things to post. As a result, I’ve just been babbling away at my family for the last week rather than typing it out on the laptop. I’m beginning to do that really annoying thing where I talk to non-bloggers about the posts I read as if I heard it from a friend recently (“Oh, that reminds me of this interesting thing I heard read..”). It’s a sickness, people.


How’d you do this holiday? Santa really came through for us this year.

For starters, St. Nick (aka Scott) heard me when I spoke about needing some new stockings. If one has stockings to hang, one should have stocking holders, right? No pics of it (I’ll probably show you tomorrow along with some more present reveals), but they are silver with the words “Merry Christmas” on ’em. Now all that’s left is getting one for the pooch. Maybe one like this will make a perfect trio for next year.

Also, we’ve yet to fire up the hearth this year thanks in large part to the broken andirons that we inherited with the house. Since the wood-burning fireplace has a gas starter, it’s important the wood be elevated above the starter so as not to cause any breakage and/or gas leaks. Now that Santa (aka Mom and Dad) has given us a new fire basket, we will have to brave the fear that comes with lighting the house on fire for the first time. No more “broken” excuse when I complain that the living room is cold.

The pic above isn’t exactly like the one I have, but this is the best I could find (my camera hasn’t figured out the nighttime fireplace black-on-black lighting thing… that’s right, it’s my camera’s fault). I think it’s actually an improvement over the andirons since wood that’s been burning a while has a tendency to split apart. A basket keeps everything (and everyone) safe and cozy.

And since three is enough for one blog post, I’ll leave you with a goodie:  my new Dremel tool! Santa was paying attention and got me the one thing I was doodle-on-my-notebook mooning over.

The 200 series doesn’t come with many attachments, but I’ll be raiding my grandfather’s old set for extra pieces. (Sidenote:  My grandfather was a crafter too, but in those days we called him a “tinkerer”.) (Sidenote to the sidenote:  Like alcoholism, children of crafters are 4 times as likely to craft as those without crafting in their family history.*)

I can’t think of what to do with my new toy first. Part of me really wants to create the little wooden trees I spotted on Restyled Home (via House of Turquoise). Seems easy enough.

Or, I could etch things. Not sure what I’d etch, but I see that I have an attachment to do it. This is how things work in the UD house – 1) buy tool, 2) figure out how to use it, 3) make up project to use it in. It may not be the most practical way to spend money (since most would have the need before buying the tool), but it’s still linear reasoning, so I figure I’m okay. Besides, I’d probably need practice etching before it resembles anything like handwriting, so what good is there a need if I haven’t gotten practice yet?

I’ve only had my new toy for a few days, so I still have plenty of time to get acquainted. Are there any projects you’d try? Are there any tools you received this year that you can’t wait to try out? Do tell.

*Completely made-up statistic for my amusement.

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