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Blah, blah, blah. Blabbity blabbity.
Sometimes I feel (a LOT) of guilt for not having a ton of blog material like others do – especially on busy weeks like last week, when my little sister was preparing to tie the knot. I’m lucky enough to remember to take a photo of my latest “thing” that I’m working on between the bills and the need to just. take. a. break. I’m even luckier to remember to clean the crap out of the way before taking the photo, let alone actually do any kind of staging that would involve a worn suitcase, strategically placed pillow, or “casually” strewn about sheet music. I wish, though. I really wish I could do better.

Since the I Do’s were on Saturday, there wasn’t much home improvement going on. Between bachelorette party planning (and attendance), fitting in nail/spray tan/hair/body wrap appointments, and my regular work week, I was actually proud of myself for paying any attention at all to this:

Side note: Amazingly, I did not ruin my manicure this time. Usually the whole mani-pedi thing is just as DIY’d as everything else in the Ugg-Duck, but since it was a special occasion, I forked over the $40 to have someone else painfully pick at my cuticles. Ow. I am a girl who absolutely loves being pampered, but I’d rather get a microderm treatment than have someone use a pumice stone to tickle-slash-torment my feet. Anyone else out there on Team ICanHandleATinyPaintbrush?
So I suppose an apology is in order that I really didn’t provide much of an update last week. If this were a TV show, I would imagine my ratings would have been reflective of the poor subject matter. So folks, dear friends, I’m sorry. And this week is my chance to make it up to you. Though, to be honest, while progress is being made, it won’t really have any kind of wow factor until after I get a skim coat on the bathroom walls.

But before I get to the (literal) grit of what I’ll be experiencing this week, I would like to share with you a piece of my life where I was not covered in a single drop of paint (nail polish doesn’t count). My proof that when I’m not remodeling a beast of a 1980s eyesore, I actually DO look normal:

My little sister and I, just before walking down the aisle.
Or, rather, since my new normal is covered in paint and drywall, better than normal. Nice, even. I hope you all had a lovely weekend. Enjoy these “fluff” photos and come back tomorrow to see me ruin my nails again.
The new Mrs. Butts and our proud Mother of the Bride
Don’t they both look ecstatic?
I’m not crazy about my fat-neck pose in this shot (clearly I need to learn to do it right to make myself look better), but my sister looks like Snow White here. Simply stunning.
Congratulations, Em!

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  1. You look beautiful! Love the color of your dress and your sister is SUCH a lovely bride….her dress is gorgeous! Kind of fun for the DIYer to get beautified isn't it? Hope you enjoyed that special day.

  2. Aw dont feel guilty!! We all love these personal stories too :0) YOu and yur sister look GORGEOUS my dear

  3. I hear you about the maintenance, you should see my nails about now, I've been planting flowers and painting window boxes:)You and your sister are two beautiful women!


  4. You both look gorgeous!! And I am with you on so many things in this post – no mani-pedis for me, and OH THE GUILT for not blogging enough!